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THE VIPER CONNECTION Transcribed from a recording Some words are phonetically presented, especially names of people. Should we pay attention to God’s word to us? Or shall we trample it under our feet in favor of our own fleshly lust. It is time that Christians went back to being reliable Bible believing Christians again. I am thinking of one day last summer when a Filipino man came to me with a burning question about race. Here's what he asked me: “If the Jews are God's chosen people, they’re supposed to be a blessing to the entire world. Why is it that the Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world?” Now, further conversation with this man showed me that his awareness that Jews were the controlling power behind the world’s wars, depressions, crime, drugs, financial and political upheavals, starvation, terrorism, abortions and revolutions. Their Judeo-Communism butchered upwards of two hundred million people off the face of this earth, millions of them being Christians. This Filipino man with his understanding of world and national affairs would put the majority of our white American Christians to shame. I see from news articles that even the Japanese are becoming aware the Zionist Jew conspiracy to conquer and enslave the whole world. A couple of Japanese authors have written books recently on the subject which have become best sellers in Japan. Let’s get back to bringing you up to an understanding of just who or what a present day a so called Jew really and truly is. In 135 A.D. the Judeans or the so called Jews rebelled against Roman rule. The Roman army moved into Judea and crushed the rebellion. Then they drove the Judeans from the land of Palestine. These millions of Judeans were predominately racial Jews that fled to the areas north and east of Palestine known

as the ancient Babylon. We hear the Jews of today refer to this as the diaspora, the dispersion. The Judeans or the so called Jews found the plains of Shinar to be fertile and productive. They’re in Babylon they found their ancient roots and the Pharisees erected great schools and universities where they once again taught and trained their followers of their heathen satanic religion, the oral traditions and doctrines just as they had done two hundred to three hundred years earlier. These were the same traditions of the Pharisees and the Elders, the traditions of man that made the word of God of none effect as Yashua stated in his day. This was the religion that our Lord so strongly opposed and condemned. Not Shintoism, not Buddhism, not Islam, not Muhammad’s, not Hara Hara Krishna but Judaism. Think on that fact. None of these other religions but Judaism did Jesus condemn. Yet today we have millions of so called born again Christians making every effort in taking advantage of every opportunity to link up with these antichrist peoples and to equate themselves with this unheard of blasphemous filth by calling themselves Jewdeo Christians. Our prostituted preachers teach and encourage this monstrous deception. In Matthew 16:6 Jesus tells his disciples and us to beware of the leaven or the religion and doctrines of the Pharisees. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 5:6 that even just a little of that leaven adulterates the whole lump, in other words the entire church. Jesus plainly stated that the founding fathers of Judaism, the Talmudic Pharisees and the Rabbis then were liars, vipers, deceivers, serpents, adulterers, hypocrites, murders, snakes, children of hell and were of their father the devil. And yet Christians of today are proud to be allied with them! What a blasphemous shame! These are not my words. I’ve only quoted the words of the one you say is your Lord. These academies or these seminaries pumped out rabbinical Pharisees by the hundreds. So much so that Pharisaic Judaism began to spread throughout the entire Babylonian area and beyond. So now we come to what is probably one of the most influential infusions of alien blood and characteristics into the history of this mongrel Jewish race. The kingdom or the empire of the Khazars began to grow rapidly in the regions North of Babylon.

The Khazars themselves were a furious war like tribe of Turku- Hun extract. They migrated from the east into the area what we know today is the step of Southern Russia. This Khazar kingdom grew to be so large and powerful that between the seventh and the tenth centuries AD they were one of the empires of Europe Asia to be reckoned with. In 740 AD the King of the Khazar Empire began searching for a national religion. He wanted to hold his empire together and unite it with one national religion. After investigating Christianity, Mohammad’s (Islam) and Pharisaic Judaism he decided on Judaism since it’s diabolical doctrines and its plan to eventually enslave the whole world coincided with his plans. Moreover, Judaism most closely paralleled their furious and their rebellious nature, the nature of these Turku-Hun people known as Khazars. Pharisee Judaism became the official religion of Khazaria. Judaism spread like wild fire among this contrary people. While at the same time that the religion of Judaism was being spread through the Khazarian Empire and into the steps of southern Russia, the Edomite Jews moved northward to follow their religion and to intermarry with these Turku-Hun Khazarian people. Once again mongrelizing the people that were already a mixture of Hittite, Canaanite, Hivite, Amalekite, and other Edomite stock. The people that we know today as the racial Jews are the ones that we recognize by certain physical and facial characteristics and carrying certain names that we recognize as being Jewish are a result of that mixture Edomite, Khazar stock. They don’t have one drop of Israelite blood in them. They are Edomite Khazars and it is recognized by the best of authorities and even the Jewish leaders themselves that fully 90% or more of the racial Jews today are of this mix Turku-Mongolian-Edomite-Khazar stock. Having not one trace of Israelite blood, they are frauds, they are liars they are deceivers, passing themselves off onto a gullible humanity as the chosen people, attempting to regain their lost birth right. Meanwhile, the true Israelites are blinded by this whole deception and the truth as to their own identity. Read the words of the Jews themselves.

From the Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 4 pg. 5:

“The king of Khazars and his grandees along with a large of his heathen people embrace the Jewish religion. It appears as if all of the Khazars became Jews”. That is from the Jews own Jewish Encyclopedia. Today there are two distinct classifications of racial Jews. There are the Sephardim and the Ashkenazi lines of the Jews. The Sephardim’s are minor in number with little influence but the Ashkenazi Jew comprises upwards of 95% of the racial Jews in the world today. These Ashkenazi Jews are the Turku- Mongolian-Khazaran-Edomite Jew, by their own admission. They call themselves the Ashkenazi or the Jew of the Ashkenazim. These are the Jews whose ancestry traces back through the TurkuMongolian-Khazar line to a man in the Bible whose name was Ashkenaz. This is the race of people who founded the world revolution movement and who have been behind every war. Since the 1700’s these evil vipers founded and perpetuated international Communism which has killed upwards two hundred million humans. These are the vipers which developed the international banking system that has enslaved billions of people around the world and many of the poor starving countries. These are the people who are master minds of the international Mafia, the Sicilian Jews passing themselves off as Italian. These are the master minds in the back ground behind the drug scene, pornography, prostitution, crime, abortion, secular humanism taught in our government schools and a multitude of vicious evils. As the little Filipino man said to me, “the Jews are behind all the world’s problems.” Karl Marx, the founder of international Communism was Ashkenazi Jew whose real name was Carl Mordecai. Leon Trotsky was a Jew whose real name was Bronstein. The list of world Communists who are Jews who have changed their names in order to deceive the public is endless right on down to the present day leaders. Another Jew of note was Adam Weishaupt who, in 1776, founded the Illuminati,

an elite group of men mostly all Jews whose sole aim is to bring about a one world government under Jewish control with the rest of mankind that survives their holocaust as their slaves. This organization still exists today. According to the Talmud each Jew will have two thousand eight hundred slaves in the millennium to come. These evil Vipers call us Adamic, white, Israelites goyim in anticipation of us becoming either dead or their cattle. Still another Ashkenazi Jew whose evil plans and scheming has been responsible for the financial enslavement of the entire world was Anshal Meyer Bauer, a German Jew who changed his name to Rothschild and set up the great banking dynasty that rules and controls the whole world today. Whether it is corn, oil, food, minerals, stock markets or whatever commodities of all the nations are all Jewish controlled. The International Jewish banker controls the wealth and the welfare of every nation in this world. In German Rothschild means red shield. Anshal Bauer adopted this German name for red shield because a red shield was the sign of the Jewish revolutionaries. Bauer or Rothschild hung this red shield sign over his first money shop in Germany. The Rothschild dynasty exists to this very day having accumulated more than 200 Trillion in wealth, more than several nations’ total wealth combined. Now think of the significance of this red sign of revolution and red Communism, Red Russia, Red China, the Red army of the terrorists of Italy and Germany. The color red is in the Bible sets as a red dragon, the red beast, Babylon in red, the red horse of the Apocalypse and the red shield of Jewish Edomite revolution and rebellion. Note that Esau’s name, later to become Edom, the father of the Edomites, means red. Let’s take a closer look at this evil class of Jews. They call themselves Ashkenazim or the Ashkenazi Jew and in their own Jewish Encyclopedia they trace their lineage clear back to Ashkenaz in the Bible. Who was their forefather Ashkenaz? Turn to Genesis Chapter 10:2, 3 and read about Ashkenaz. This is the way I’m going to present it to you: “The sons of Japheth, Gomer, Magog, Tubal and Meshech and the sons of Gomer, Ashkenaz and Togarmah. So you see that the descendants of Ashkenaz are of the house hold of Gomer. Magog, Tubal and Meshech were his uncles. Togarmah was his brother and Gomer was his father. Every one of these names representing

households or their descendants are spoken of in the 38th and the 39th chapters of Ezekiel and Yahweh says he is against them. Do you understand this import of this? Every one of them is in the 39th and the 38th chapter of Ezekiel and Yahweh says he is against them. We hear a lot of our so called Prophecy Preachers preaching on the end time, and they love to tell us about the rapture, the second coming of Jesus and the battle of Armageddon. They will speak eloquently about the destruction of Russia and the wonderful Edomite Jews setting up a millennial kingdom under Jesus rule after they all turn to Yahweh. These are some of the false doctrines that the Adrian Rogers, Jack Van Impy’s and the Jimmy Swaggart’s preach. Some even preach about three or four raptures and then a very special rapture for Yahweh’s “ beloved” Edomite/Khazar Jews. Much of this prophecy preaching is done with the 38th and the 39th chapters of Ezekiel as their text. Some preachers even refer to these chapters as the Russian chapters. But let’s look at the whole word of God and understand what Yahweh has said to us in Ezekiel 38th & 39th Chapter’s. God proclaims that he is against Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Togarmah and the entire band. Or, in other words, all the household of Gomer. That would include the descendants of Gomers first begotten son who was Ashkenaz. All the house hold of Gomer includes all the house hold of Ashkenaz since he was the first born son or descendant of Gomer. Yahweh tells us that in the last days the hordes of these people will come against his true Israelites to plunder them and take spoil of all their great wealth. Just as the world’s International Banking system is doing today with the economy of the United States through fraud and corruption. Remember the Savings and Loan rip off in the 1980’s and the more recent Wall Street plunder a couple of years ago. Trillions of dollars of our nation’s wealth and numerous other financial and business schemes have been fraudulently taken by these nefarious Edomite-Ashkenaz Jews. Contrived high oil prices are regularly employed to explode the bottom line of the oil cartels placing a financial burden on every American who drives or uses energy to heat his home. The Jew is behind every effort to prevent the expulsion of illegal aliens and actually encourage the influx into America so that race mixing with them becomes easier. The predominant colored non-producers are milking our nation of what’s left of the wealth and profiteering through our socialist welfare system. But that’s all another message.

Look at Gods own description of this great land of the true Israel that these hoards have plundered and intend to plunder even more. Chapter 38 verses 11-14 tells us of a land or a nation of unwalled cities where neither bars or gates are necessary, where the citizens are living in comparative safety and at rest. Does that sound like the little Israel of today, in that sandbox over in the Middle East? Absolutely not! Little Israel, smaller than Lake Superior, since its founding in 1948, has been a nation of constant war and turmoil and terrorist attacks, bombing and ethnic murders. Its towns, its villages and its borders are a maze of walls, bars, gates, machine gun emplacements, barbed wire and war planes flying overhead while tanks and armored vehicles and soldiers constantly patrol the streets checking and watching everyone. There is no safety or peaceful and restful spirit anywhere in that whole nation, and world power dictates that there never will be in this age. Now, Yahweh says that the true Israel is a people gathered together out of the nations or tribes. The greatest Exodus and gathering together of one race of one race of people in the history of mankind did not happen in little Middle East Israel. But it did happen right here on the shores right here in America where in a period less than 50 years over 45 million Caucasian Europeans our of many nations such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, England, Russia, Austria, Holland and so on came in boat after boat load. These eager energetic immigrants filled with ambition and undying hope sought life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They carved out of the wilderness the greatest nation the world has ever seen. They harnessed the resources of the land and turned the desert into a blossoming rose garden. They conquered the vast wilderness and extracted the tremendous wealth of gold, oil, silver, coal and minerals from the earth. They literally turned a barren land into a land flowing with milk and honey of cattle and vast farm land. Indeed, at one time enough to feed the entire world with surplus left over. Truly these Caucasians from Europe built onto this North America continent a Beulahland. A nation respected and honored and admired and envied by the rest of the world. Just as Yahweh had promised that we would do, all the while honoring and worshiping our everlasting God who had led them here. Many of these people carry the marks of Israel in their family name. Names such as Benson, meaning son of Ben or Johnson son of John or Danielson or Bibelheimer which is German for Bible house or people of the Bible. There are those who are of the tribe Dan with the last name Danskin, meaning kin of Dan or Dans kin. Even the nation of

Denmark is spelled with an “A” instead of an “E” by the Danish people and the rest of Europe. It’s Danmark or mark of Dan. It is interesting to note that the tribe of Dan was the great seafarers of old who likely sailed to the Americas 1000 BC to search for King Solomon’s gold. They were later called the Phoenicians who continued their adventures all over the Atlantic Ocean long before their kindred, the Norsemen. Other namesakes that give testimony to our true identity are names such as Joseph, Isaac, John, Nathan, Peter, Paul, Rebecca, Ruth, Naomi, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth and on and on. The Japanese didn’t name their children with these names. Nor did the Filipino’s or the Indians or the Blacks or the Eskimo’s or the Chinese. No other people did until they came in contact with the true Israelite people and began to adopt their ways and their names. Yahweh has said in his Holy Word in Deuteronomy 28: 1-13 that these people, true Israel, will be rich with gold and silver and cattle and lands and goods. Only these Caucasians settlers of the New World have fulfilled God’s Prophecies concerning true Israel. Today, even though the international Moneychangers have us by the throat and our economic situation is rapidly deteriorating, America is still the richest nation on earth and the American citizen still enjoys the highest standards of living in the world. America has the gold, silver, the food, the land, the cattle, the goods and the resources that the rest of the world seeks after. Not little Israel over there in the sandbox in the Middle East. Even the former prime minister of Israel Menachem Began admitted while he was in office that, without the military and political and financial help of United States of America that that little Israel would be helpless and fall with in just a few weeks. How very true! What we don’t give the Vipers in the sandbox they simply steal what they want through their spies and infiltrated brothers in our National Laboratories, businesses and government. Just a couple of years back the finance Minister of Japan had a TV interview statement that if America sneezed financially that Japan would catch pneumonia. We saw just a little while ago when the high theater of politics was playing the game of raising the debt ceiling and as the date grew closer and closer to the contrived “must pass the bill” date, the world’s stock markets gyrated to and fro with fear and anticipation. Yes kindred, the Turku, Mongolian, Khazar, Edomite, Ashkenazi Jewish, Babylonian system will rise up against the true Israel, America, one of these days

soon, and they will attempt to take a spoil and completes their plunder. Yahweh continues his message to us by saying that in the last days when these Turku-Edomites make a final effort to destroy true Israel/America and take her for a rape and plunder and spoil, His fury will rise up in His face, He will come to the defense of his people, true Israel, the United States of America! Yahweh also tells us that in these chapters’ verses 19-20 as well as numerous other places in the Bible that true Israel will be in turmoil and chaos from internal conditions that are tearing it apart because we have deliberately turned our backs on our loving heavenly Father. The Almighty God, Yahweh is His name. The God of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have deliberately gone on our own way like sheep gone astray and committed spiritual adultery and idolatry in defiance of The Great Creator, Yahweh. Yahweh, who formed us individually and collectively as his Chosen People. Here, now is a presentation on the racial side of Jewry. Remember, the original word that was used in the Koina Greek language was Ioudaios and its meaning was not Jew as we have been conditioned to think of a racial Jew or a Pharisees religious Jew. But rather it’s meaning simply a resident of Judea or a Judean and that that Judean or a resident of Judah could have been White, Oriental, Black, Arab, Chinese, a mongrelized Edomite or whatever. So, in most of your Bible verses the meaning is just that and only that. Judeans at the time of Jesus were mostly Edomites, the mongrelized descendants of Esau. Our preachers have told us for hundreds of years that Jesus was a Jew, or that Jesus was the king of Jews. What does the word of God say? When Jesus was born the wise man came from the East, to find him who was born king of the Jews, Mathew 2:2. In the original manuscripts the word here wrongly translated Jews again was that Greek word Ioudaios and its meaning is Judeans or where is he who was born king of the Judeans living there those people living in Judea. The more accurate phrasing would be “Where is he who was born king of those people living in Judea?” This is why Herod and the other rulers shared in hating Him. They thought that he had come to lead a revolt and insurrection and to establish an earthly kingdom and to rule over the Judean area by deposing them, proclaiming himself to be king over the Judeans. This is what was prophesied, this is what the people expected, this is what the people wanted later when they welcomed him with palm branches and Hosanna’s on His so-called triumphant entry into

Jerusalem on what we know as Palm Sunday. In John 4:9 the Samaritan women (who was an Israelite and can be proven so), while speaking to Jesus refers to Him as a Jew. Again, the original word was Ioudaios, and just as before it should be translated correctly as a Judean. She continues her statement by saying that the residents of Judea or Judeans have nothing to do with the residents of Samaria or Samarians. Similar conditions exist in Judea to this very day with the Edomite Jewish residents of Israel having nothing to do with the residents of Lebanon or Jordon or the West Bank. There are dozens of other verses in both the Old and New Testament that would bear out the fact that the idea that our New Testament is talking about a special chosen race of people, from the tribes of the Patriarchs, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. In Jesus time there were a relatively small number of Israelites residing in the land of Judea who were mostly the descendants of the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin. When the Bible refers to Jews, unless directed specifically by Jesus as He admonishes them, always relates to the land of Judea or the Judeans as a people. If it meant any more than that, if it meant Judahite, then how could Jesus refuse to be a Judahite any longer especially when it was written that He would not walk in Jewry any longer? Remember, Jesus was a pure Israelite, a Judahite from the tribe of Judah. His genealogy in the Word of God declares it to be so. Revelation 5:5 declares him to be the Lion of the tribe of Judah. If the word Jew meant a racial Judahite Jesus must have decided to change his race. How could he do that? Can a China man decide to be a Black man and change his yellow skin to black, and change the shape of his eyes? Absurd! An East Indian can change his place of residence from India to America and swear his allegiance to America forever and become an American citizen but that doesn’t change his racial ancestry. He will always be of an East Indian descent. Yet if you listen to the gobbledygook of modern preachers Jesus must have changed his racial background from Jewish to something else, because in the gospel of John, 7th chapter in the first verse we were told that Jesus would not walk in Jewry any longer because the Jews sought more to kill him. If that meant that the racial Judahites, the descendants of the tribe of Judah were being referred to by the word “Jews”, then certainly the word Jewry also means the same thing. Then according to our modern day Jewdeo-Christian preachers Jesus must have just got sick and tired of being from the tribe of Judah and didn’t want to be a Jew

any longer because the Jews were always trying to kill him. That is pure foolishness. The gospel of John is plainly stating that Jesus wouldn’t walk in Judea any longer, and went North ward into Galilee, where the Israelites had settled and where it was safe for him because the Jew Judean’s living in Judea wanted to kill him. And the hour had not come for him to die. Read the entire chapter 7 of John. We need to determine in our own mind and heart the fact that the word Jew is a new word coined in 1775 by the play right Sheridan and that it has wrongly been inserted in the modern Bibles and wrongly used in todays’ society. The primary meaning of the word Jew is not a descendant of the tribe of Judah or a Judahite, but is, rather, according to your own dictionary and adherent to the religion, customs and rituals of satanic Judaism. It is satanic! It is a religion which is satanic to the core. If you doubt that fact and you think that you have a Jewdo- Christian faith then you need to read “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling. Better yet, read their satanic Talmud and draw your own conclusions about how these Edomites think and act. Here is a break down on what we have discovered. The true Israelite nations and Yahweh told Abraham that there would be many of them, are the great Caucasian nations of Europe, the great company or common wealth of nations. Abrahams’” great company of nations” is the British Commonwealth, the greatest nation the world has ever known as it colonized the far reaches of the world. Abrahams “great nation” is the United States of America. The people who founded these nations are the White Caucasian peoples who migrated from the Assyrian captivity first and, a hundred and fifty years later, the Babylonian captivity and went across the face of Europe, then on to Britain and then on to the shores of this North America continent are the true Israel people of God. His Chosen Whom He prepared a place for. White Caucasians have a history and a heritage that is rich and glorious. The Middle East nation of Israel is a fraudulent attempt by the descendants of Esau to reclaim the birth right and the blessing that Esau lost to Jacob/Israel. Yahweh tells us in Jeremiah 26: 2 - 18 that he would do to Jerusalem the same thing he did to Shiloh. The tabernacle of God and God’s present had dwelt in Shiloh for some 400 years, twice as long as the United States as old, but God abandoned Shiloh and removed his presence and his blessing from Shiloh forever. And now God say’s in Jeremiah 26 That he will do the same thing to Jerusalem. Abandon Jerusalem

forever. In Jeremiah the 19th chapter verses 1 - 12 God say’s that Judah and Jerusalem would be broken like a potters jug or a bottle and the bottle can never be put back together or be restored again. ”And thus I will do to this place and the inhabitance thereof sayeth the Lord.” Now that’s Judah and Jerusalem, but in 2nd Samuel 7:10 God made a promise to true Israel who had been living in a land of Palestine for over 400 years at this time that he God would appoint a new and a different place for his people Israel. “And would plant them that they may dwell in a place of their own and move no more.” This happened when God planted these Caucasian Israelite people on this North America continent from which we will never be moved. For those who have read thus far many of you are jumping to the your feet and shouting Bigot, Racist, Fascist, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacist, Skin Head, Anti-Semite, Klu Klux Klan all those other buzz words. The contrived names have been put in their mouths by the Jews and their controlled media. One admittedly Jewish woman screamed at a television talk show guest speaking out about the Jews “ you ought to be butchered, you ought to be burned.” This is a Jewish lady screaming at a talk show guest! But yesterday’s newspaper contained whole article pages on the glory of black African heritage month. A few weeks back the media treated trumpeted Greek heritage week. And the Indians have their Native American days or Indian Pow Wows, while the news media sends cameras and reporters to ballyhoo and praise it all. The Filipino’s have their heritage celebrations, while the Chinese, Mexicans and all the others have their respected weeks or celebrations and we just celebrated Spanish American days here a while back. The so called Jews celebrate their Jewishness and the news media covers Rashashana and Yom Kippur with great respect and dignity and everyone just thinks it’s just wonderful. In fact the news media is quick to tell us how wonderful it is that in United States America and nowhere else everyone is free to celebrate and promote their own religious and racial heritage. But when I or others stand up and says hey, what about us. What about the White Caucasian people, the people who pioneered and founded this great nation, the nation of those freedoms you’re so eager to talk about. What about the other great nations of Europe and Britain? We have a history of a heritage there also. A history and heritage that is proud and glorious and Christian. That freedom to speak out about White heritage quickly vanishes into thin air. The Jewish B'Nai Br'ith, the

Jewish Anti-Defamation League, the Communist Anti Civil Liberty Union (ACLU), and a host of others clamor to shut us down and to demean and vilify us as being “RACIST”! All accompanied by and aided by the controlled Jewish news media that launches their campaign of slander and ridicule. It’s amazing the names of they can come up with in which to brand us, to tar and feather anyone who believes the truth of our heritage in the word of God. It seems as if almost all the public is brain washed into parroting their snide ways, their propaganda and their name calling. With their lies, their character assassinations, their innuendo, their false accusations and their name calling they can polarize the public and create fear and hatred between us. They have succeeded in their mission to destroy Christian Israel America. Yet, despite all the name calling by the media, by their stooges and all the lies, deception and filth spewed by the Jew talk show hosts like Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Larry King and the Puerto Rican Jew Geraldo and, despite the twisted theologies of todays Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakers and Paul Crouches and Hal Lindseys and Jack Van Impy, Oral and now Richard Roberts, Joyce Meyers (a Jewess by the way!),The Shullers and all their ilk, the fact remains, the fact remains that the Caucasian people are the Israelites of the Bible. This fact is supported by a whole mountain of evidence and it’s available to anyone who will honestly investigate the truth. The next important issue is the name - Jew. It is a comparatively new word. I have written much on the subject of what a Jew is. The fact is, most cannot clearly define themselves as to how or what that their Jewishness is derived. However, all will agree that it must be passed from the mother because it can be argued that no one really knows who the father might be if there has been many sexual encounters of the woman. Some argue that the name Jew can only realistically be applied to a person who is a follower of the religion of Judaism. This person can be of any race, or of any color, as Sammy Davis Jr. was and now Madonna, who practices The Kabala, Jew mysticism. Remember the thousands of black Jews that the Israeli government imported from Ethiopian Africa claiming to be of the tribe of Naphtali? It seems that another miracle of Yahweh had taken one of the Patriarchs and supernaturally made him a black! The fables of the Jew are unending! These black Jews decided that they didn’t want to walk in Jewry any longer either, just like Jesus had decided. The word Jew can also be used to designate a particular mongrelized group of people who are Canaanite, Hittite, Amalekite, Turku

Mongolian, Khazaran, Hittite, Ashkenazi ancestry! No Jew, anywhere, in any way, shape, form or fashion is related to the true Israelites of the Bible. By their own admission they trace their lineage back to the house of Gomer. These people are the ones with the racial lineage of Edomite stock. Never forget that Edom is Esau including the people of any race who are adherent to their evil satanic Jewdeo religion, and /or it’s social and political and economic ideologies. It is these people who gave birth, not to the Savior of the world as every preacher says, but to all the worlds’ evils and wolves in sheep’s clothing, in the form of anti-Christ despotic governments, groups and organizations. Red Communism, Socialism, Secular Humanism are taught in our schools by the communistic Jewish control National Education Association. The World Revolution Movement, New Age, Globalism 2000, world banking institutions and secret societies are all inherently products of the evil Jew. The true aims and goals of these ideologies are kept alive and promoted by such evil organizations as the American Civil Liberties Union, National Education Association, Planned Parent Hood, Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith, Norman Leers People for the American Way and many more. Jews founded and control The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP). Which brings up my next point. Why do you suppose the Jew is so interested in people of color. We already know that they hold us whites in contempt and want to rule over us and eventually kill us all. What makes the people of color so special in the Jews thinking? The answer is clear and cannot be disputed. By funding and supporting and glorifying the black and even Mexicans in Western society the Jew knows that, over time, without question, in some small or large way, the whites will adopt this notion that we are all the same and racial mixing is inevitable. This, coupled with several other schemes that the nefarious Jew has been managing, will result in the near total demise of the white race on planet earth in due time. The Council of Foreign relations and abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood are all Jew contrivances. Just one example of the influence of these groups is the National Organization of Women, or NOW. Founded and controlled by the Jews with Jewess Betty Freda, Gloria Steinham and Elinore Smil at the top. The Italian Mafia are made up of mainly Sicilian Jews, who change their names in order to sound Italian, who are dealing and controlling drugs, pornography, prostitution, gambling, graft and every crime of nature. There are hundreds of other

groups that are Jewish founded and controlled. My point in mentioning these few is to only give you an idea of the far reaching power that the Edomite Khazars have won over this nation and the entire world with their monstrous deception. We see a great conflict arising on the horizon. One of these days, not far in the future, God will remove the blinders from the eyes of his true Israelite people. When He does they will realize the monstrous and the evil deception that has been perpetrated upon them. They will see that they have been lied to at every turn of the road by the world controllers, who are these Edomite Jews. The same such Jews that the Filipino man asked why they were the cause of all the worlds’ troubles. God say’s in Roman 11:25, the blindness in part has happened to true Israel until the fullness of the gospel, or the fullness of the Gentiles comes in. After which he will remove those blinders. God will remove those blinders. And when God himself removes those blinders from the minds and eyes of the great mass of Caucasian Israelites all hell is going to break lose on the heads the world manipulating Edomites. Or maybe I should say more correctly that all heaven will be leashed on the heads the so called Jews. Yes, there will be war on in the little Middle East Israel alright. But despite what your prostituted Evangelists and preachers are telling you, that’s not Yahweh’s Israel people over there, and Jesus is not returning to fight on their behalf. Jesus will return for the great and final battle alright, but these Babylonian Edomite Jews, with their Babylonian Talmudic Antichrist hatred for Jesus and everything that is Christian will be on the wrong side. They will be his object of his wrath when he comes to pour out his fury on Gog and Magog and all the household of Gomer. God will have no mercy when this occurs. Remember our God of love is also a God of wrath and vengeance. Isaiah 34:5 - 8 and 63: 1-6, tells us very vividly of God’s wrath on these Edomites. Jeremiah 49: 7-22 and in Malachi 1: 2-4, also tells us about God’s anger towards these people who said they would reclaim the blessings that Esau lost. Read these scriptures for yourself and then remember that God said in Hebrews 10:30-31, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Look at some more scriptures verses right out of your own Bible. These Scripture verses will show you what God has to say, not what some so called Bible answer man or self-proclaimed prophecy preachers tell you. Much of the books of revelations and Daniel and many verses in others books of the Bible are devoted to the destruction of this Red Babylonian beast system that arises out of Babylonia.

There is a very significant reason, that throughout the scriptures we see the enemies of Christ in Christianity referred to as Babylon or, as Revelation 17:5 says, “mystery Babylon the great mother of harlots and abomination of the whole earth.” The apostle Paul say’s in 1 Thessalonians 2:15 that they don’t please God and are contrary to all men. Now if you search the scriptures and traditional history you will find that the founding establishment of this false hethanistical religious social politic and economic system dates back over 4 thousand years to the days of the Nimrod, Sumerians, and Tamuz, written in Genesis the 11th chapter. Let’s review Babylon from the days of the captivity of Israel and Judah to this present time. We have already shown that when our ancestors the true Israelites of the Bible were taken captive by Shalmanesar, the Assyrian king, and later by Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king, that millions of the Israelites were removed from Judah or Judea, and placed first as a buffer nation between Assyrian and Babylon and then, those a hundred and fifty years later, taken to Babylon. Only a few of the lowest class were left as vine dressers or vine tenders. Those millions of true Israelites who were removed were replaced by millions of aliens and foreigners. These aliens were from other Edomite countries had their own paganistic religions which they clung to unyielding. When returning Israelite priests tried to teach these millions of aliens in the ways of our Jehovah God they adulterated the true faith by mixing it all together with their own heathenistic religions, to form their own brand of God/Baal worship. Go to 2 Kings the 17th chapter. When less than fifty thousand Israelites did return to Judea under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah after years of captivity in Babylon, they found the entire land inhabited by these millions of these aliens, that had been placed their in the land by the authority and the power of Babylon. The turning Israelites began to intermarry with these pagan heathenistic Edomite Judeans. Both Ezra and Nehemiah were appalled at this clear violation of Yahweh’s Law and you can read about it in Ezra chapter 9 and in Nehemiah chapter 13 verses 25-27. It was an abomination to Yahweh. The religion of the Israelites who had returned from Babylon was further corrupted by the heathen Jehovah-Baal religion of these Babylonian Judean Edomities. King Solomon intermarrying into false satanic religions 500 years earlier resulted in the final breakup of the Nation of Israel into two Kingdoms, the northern Kingdom of The house of Israel, consisting of ten tribes and the Southern kingdom of Judah consisting of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin . It is very, very clear that idolatry

and race mixing among His people Israel are two issues that Yahweh will not tolerate for very long. He will bring his wrath to America very soon for this transgression. In 1King 13:33 and 2 King 17, it is written that, instead of the people of God allowing God to set God fearing Levites over them as their priests and leaders, that they themselves chose men of the lowest class and the basis of character, just as we have done today. They placed these men in authority over their society and over their faith as their priest, contrary to all of God’s word and ways. No wonder the nation was led astray and turned aside from serving the true and living God. We’re still doing the same thing today. We’ve never learned our lesson. Our nation is filled with corrupt base and evil. Political leaders and big time preachers and TV evangelists of the lowest and basest character. Men and women who had someone of their kind appoint them or ordain them with a string of PHD’s, DD’s, or BD’s, or BDT’s or some other egotistical title. Or who have appointed themselves as some great spiritual leader. No wonder our nation is coming down around our ears. Anything seems to be acceptable now a day’s with Jewdeo Christianity and the poor Christians who are caught in the middle of this ungodly Babylonian system. After the Israelites of old ordained men of low and base character to be their priests, men not of God, these so called priests preached only what the people wanted to hear. They preached lies and deceptions, they skimmed the people and milked them of their money. Listen to the cry of the true Prophet. The Prophet in Micah said in Micah 3rd chapter Verses 1-11 that the leaders of the nation pass judgment for their own reward. That the priests or pastors teach for gain and the Prophets or the Evangelists preach and prophesy for money. All the while they are proclaiming loudly that the Lord is with them and directing them, that they are doing God’s will. In Zephaniah 3: 1-4 we read that the prophets are light and treacherous and the priests have polluted the sanctuary because they have done violence to the Law. We can now realize what the great man of God Jeremiah was talking about when he said in the 23rd chapter Jeremiah 11-22 verses that “both Prophet and Priest or Evangelists and Pastor are profane, yea, even in my house have I found their wickedness sayeth the Lord.” They prophesy according to Baal worship and they caused my people to do wrong, they are given over to adultery and their entire lives are a pack of lies. They are in consort with the criminals and the evil politicians and not one of them is repentant about it. They speak peace to the

anti-Christ Jesus haters, the Jews, and tell them that no evil will come upon them! Yahweh continues now by saying, “ I have not sent these Prophets, yet they ran and I have not yet spoken to them yet they prophesy”. Then God says again, I have heard what the Prophets or the Evangelists said that prophesied lies in my name. But if they had stood in my council and caused my people to hear my words then they should have turned them away from their evil way, and from the evil of their doing. This is proof positive, right out of God’s own word, that the majority of preachers and the Evangelists today are not preaching the word of God, but are preaching a message that sounds good. It tickles the ears with a message of love, love, love for their own profit and gain. These false teachers preach for their air cooled dog houses and their swimming pools and their manicured nails and their effeminate hairdo and their bountiful suits and their nice big fancy cars and their Lear jets. Yahweh said that the nation would have repented long ago and turned from the sinful and Godly direction that has been going for the last sixty years if these false teachers had preached his word to His people and stood in His counsel. Since it has not turned back to God it is obvious that the preachers are preaching lies out of their own imagination of their own heart. God said in the 20th verse, that this is what would happen in the latter days. God says concerning these false preachers and Evangelists that they lie, and they deceive, and they cheat and they steal from the people. They preach for bribes and money. They love the anti-Christ Edomite Jews and their Jewdeo religion and are morally and sexually vile and all the time they are loudly and evoking the name of Jesus and proclaiming that the Lord has granted them these privileges and blessing them as they do these things! All the while living high on the hog. All of their “things”, their Lear jets and their air conditioned dog houses, all paid for by the money they have skimmed out of little old widows on social security and others who tithe to perpetrate the lifestyle of these frauds. One of the very sad things about it is that according to Jeremiah 5:31 the people themselves want it this way. Not only do they want it this way but they love to have it this way. In 2 Timothy 4: 3-4, we read that they even keep to themselves these lipped tongues preachers who will tickle their ears with all the smooth things they want to hear. So during and after the Babylonian captivity these smooth talking good tongued leaders of the blind who could manipulate words like a Philadelphia lawyer calling themselves by fancy self-proclaimed titles such as

Sadducees. Scribes, Lawyers, Pharisees, Priests, High Priests, and Rabbis, and even Apostles! They put together a concoction of unbelievable satanic filth that Jesus referred to as the traditions of man. In Mathew 16:6, Jesus warned the true Christian leader to be aware of the leaven or the doctrines of the Judea Pharisees. In Galatians 5:9, we are told that just a tiny bit of their satanic filth would pollute and destroy our true God fearing Christian faith. Over several centuries of time these oral traditions of Pharisees were finally codified and written down into one of the most vial and viscous satanic writings ever known to man. These writings are known today by their own Jewish given title as the Babylon Talmud. This is the “holy book” of the people that Baptist leader Adrian Rogers and TV leaders like Paul and Jan Crouch fall over backwards trying to praise and get the entire TV audience to throw their arms around these so called Jewish friends or Jewish brothers and sisters. With “brothers and sisters” and “friends” like these who have the Christian goyim on their death list we don’t need enemies. Believe this if you don’t believe anything else - - - - true Christians are considered to be vermin and not even human by these followers of the Babylonian Talmud. Christians are animals and not even worthy of an honorable death as far as the Talmud and an Orthodox Jew is concerned. In fact in Getin 57A of this Babylon Talmud true Christians are to be boiled in hell in boiling excrement alongside of our Lord Jesus who they say is to be boiled in a vat of boiling sperm! Rabi Simon Benyamin said that even the best of the Christians ought to be killed. That is why, through their contrivances such as The World Revolutionary Movement, the Illuminati, Red Communism worldwide and many more of their social one world design movements they have butchered almost 200 million off the face of this earth. Is it any wonder that in Revelations 17 God refers to this evil satanic Talmudic system as the Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and abomination of the whole earth. In Revelation 16 :19, Yahweh tells us this mystery Babylon, that great city is divided into three separate parts: Political, economic and religious. God also says in Revelations 17:6 and 18:24, that this evil mystery Babylon system is responsible all the murders of the saints or Christians. That is just the way the Edomites would have it. One of their Jewish rabbis said “we Jews have created the worlds wars by the power of our money”, in other words, the financial empires of mystery Babylon. Another Jewish Rabbi leader said several years back that wars were the Jews harvest. This is a fact! He went on to say that with wars we can kill

of Christians and take control of their gold. We have already killed over 100 million of them and the end is not yet in sight. The Red Communist Revolution of Russia butchered millions of white Christians were claimed by the American head Jewish Rabbi Steven Wise in a speech in Carnegie Hall to celebrate the Communist Revolution. Rabi Wise said, “ The Russian Revolution was the greatest feat of the sons and daughters of Israel”. So, according to our ignorant preachers of today, these are your Jewish friends. No, these people that the world calls Jews are not, and I repeat are not the Christians friends. It bears worth repeating these vipers, seeds of Satan, are not the Israelites of the Bible, God’s Chosen People. They are frauds and imposters who pulled off the biggest scam the world has ever known. These Edomite Khazars and those of any race and color who align themselves with them and follow after their evil Pharisee Judaism will suffer the anger and the wrath of our Almighty God when Jesus steps in and brings Mystery Babylon crashing down around their heads. In Jeremiah 51:20-24, God say’s that His people Israel are to be His battle ax and weapon of war and that with His people Israel he will destroy kings and kingdoms, He will break into pieces captains and rulers and that with His battle ax Israel He will render back to Babylon all the evil she has done. With his people Israel He will render back double all the evil that Babylon has done. It will be through His people Israel. We will do it. We will be responsible for it being done. God says in verse 25, that he will make Babylon a burned over kingdom. Yahweh God spoke to us through another of his prophets, Obadiah. He told us Obadiah in the 18th verse that the house of Jacob would be like fire and the house of Joseph like a flame. While the house of Esau, that’s the Edomites. the house of Esau would be the stubble or dry grass. That the descendants of Jacob/Israel would set fire to Esau or the Edomites and that, in so doing, they would utterly and totally destroy this Edomite Khazar Jewish monster. In the 21st verse, he concludes by saying that out of Israel will come the people who will deliver the nations of Israel and that they these Israel people will bring the Lords judgment on the kingdom of Esau. The Israel people will bring the Lords judgment on the people of Esau! All heaven is going to come down on the heads of these Edomites one of these days and the children of Israel are going to be responsible for it. Yahweh said it and it shall be so…AMEN! God never made any Covenants with the people called Jews. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Moses, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, or Jesus were not Jews they were Hebrews or Israelites. Many confused Christians claim to be Judeo-Christian. That

is impossibility. You are either Christian or not. You can’t be half Christian and half antichrist. The word of God in 2 Corinthians 6:15 states, “What concord hath Christ with Belial or what part hath he that believes with that of infidel?” Unless you have been physically born of the racial stock of Edomite Khazar Jew or you are a follower of the antichrist Jewdeo Talmudic religion of Judaism you are in no way a Jew”.

We need to separate the word Jew from any association whatsoever with the children of Israel or the name of Christian. The name of Jew is in no way a synonym for the tribe of Judah. They are not the same thing. The descendants of the tribe of Judah are Israelites who settled mainly in the area of the Germanic nations of Europe after their Babylonian captivity. The Jews are Edomites, descendants of Esau, not Judahites or Israelites in any way. The descendants of Judah would be Judahites and they are not Jews. I am aware that his message has been very repetitious. I have repeated some of these things over several times. I have written this same thing in several different ways, a little differently each time because it is hard for some people who have been in subjected to years of professional brain washing and indoctrination by the Jewish controlled media and our ignoramus preachers. I realize that it is difficult to separate the Jews from being God’s Chosen Israelites or part of the Christian heritage thru Judah. Television and movies have been pummeling the public with this lie, so much so that they have deceived millions and millions of true Israelites into believing their damnable lie. They have even deceived the blood bought born again Christian The Apostle Paul has warned us the grievous wolves would enter into God’s flock. (Paul was a Learned Elder Satanic Jew infiltrator to the WAY of Jesus, the Christ and has corrupted the WAY more than any single individual since. Even though we quote him extensively it is wise to remember that even Satan can quote Scripture better than we!) In 2 Peter 2:1-3, Peter warns us of false ministers and of false teachers who bring damnable heresies. The book of Jude is devoted to telling us of evil men who have crept into the church for the purpose of deceit that they might make money in reward off of the saints. These prostituted deceivers have deceived millions and millions of good Christian people into believing the most heinous lie ever pawned off on mankind. The religious Jew is not some sort of

Christian brother to a born again Christian. These damnable Jews are our sworn and devoted enemy. Their own words and the holy word of Gods Scripture proclaim that they are the enemy of Christ, Christians and true Israel. According to the recent polls by various secular and Christian organizations one out of every three adult Americans claim to be a born again Christian. Pat Robertson states, in one of his newsletters “The Perspective”, that the United States has 70 million Evangelical Christians. If every third adult person in America is a born again Evangelical Christian then who is it that has stood by with their mouth shut and their eyes closed and their ears plugged and allowed this God given nation of ours to be overrun by crime in the streets, drugs destroying our teenagers and youth, abortion murdering millions of our babies, rape, incest, child abuse, sexual perverts running local and federal government, courts and satanic secular humanism destroying the minds and the morals of our school children. We see the destruction of the family union, ungodly uses of our excessive tax money, treason in the highest offices of government, graft and corruption in every line of business, fraud in the stock markets, murdering criminals and sex offenders turned loose on the streets to prey on the public again, illegal aliens pouring across our borders bringing crime and disease and taking the jobs of our citizens. The communistic welfare system takes from hard working citizens and gives billions of dollars to the lazy and to the unthankful. Just who is it that has stood by this God given nation be shackled, manacled and dragged down the road to tyranny and slavery? It is the70 million so called Judea-Christians, that’s who! These ignorant supposed Christians that have been bilked into believing the Edomite Jewish big lie. The supposed Christians that would rather loudly proclaim to everyone that they are Judeo- Christians rather than denounce satanic perverted Judaism and expose the Jewish source of the controlled conspiracy that’s destroying our blessed name. A large number of Jewdeo Christian leaders have sold out for a bowl of red porridge completely ignoring Yahweh’s word to us. Aside from his admonitions in 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18, God has said plainly as He opens in the first Psalm, “blessed is the man who walketh not in the council of the ungodly nor standeth in way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” In Ephesians 5:6-11, Paul commands his followers to have no fellowship with

these deceiving, lying children of disobedience and to not be a partaker in their unfruitful works of darkness for the wrath of God. Not the love of God but the wrath of God is going to fall upon them! And in Exodus 23:2, God says not to follow after the crowd in their evil doings. These prostitutes, deceiving leaders of Jewdeo Christianity are now showing their true colors. They are taking their stand with the purveyors of Judaism one worldism. Esau sold his birth right to Jacob Israel and now Esau descendants the Edomite Khazar Jews are willing to go to any lengths to take back to themselves the blessings and the wealth of the whole world, even if it means the destruction of the rest of humanity. At the end of the book, the Bible we win. I’ve read the back of the book and we win. God’s Chosen, the Israelite people and the blood bought sons and daughters of Yahweh all over the world are gloriously victorious through our savior and King Jesus our Lord. The Jewish Edomite Mystery Babylonian system; political, economic and religious is completely, utterly and violently destroyed and the sooner the better! To reiterate, the main points of this message. #1: The racial Jew is not an Israelite. He is an Edomite Khazar. #2: The followers of the Satanic Jewish religion, no matter what race or color they are, are Jews by any definition. #3: Judeo-Christianity is an absolute oxymoron. It is impossibility. No one can serve Satan and Christ at the same time. #4: God’s Chosen race, the Israelite race of people, are not the Jews, but rather are the Caucasians of planet earth. May Yahweh Bless and Keep you all. May Yahweh open your hearts and minds to the TRUTH. May Yahweh be gracious unto you! In the Masters Service R. Vincent Bert The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger