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16. ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT-DAY The usual morning zoo. INT. DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT-DAY Lightman and Foster stand in a long security line of TRAVELERS. At the front, TSA AGENTS check i.d.'s and monitor the lines. Lightman holds a BRIEFCASE and DUFFLE BAG. LIGHTMAN If James Cooke planned to kill his teacher, it wasn't over being held back in school. He registered a whole series of thoughts about Ms. McCartney that he was clearly trying to conceal. Lightman subtly leans out to look at the front of the line. FOSTER Well the U.S. Attorney scheduled the transfer hearing - we have two days. I told the Mayor's office we can't assess intent without examining antecedent behavior. We're set to meet with some of James's classmates and his parents. Tories, A TOUGH FEMALE TSA AGENT approaches Lightman. TORRES How are you doing today, Sir? LIGHTMAN I'm great. TORRES Could you step out of the line please? LIGHTMAN Are you serious? TORRES Yeah. Lightman, Foster and Torres step to the side to a table. TORRES (CONT'D) Any reason you might ne anxious this morning?

LIGHTMAN No. I mean, I'm worried I'll miss my flight but TORRES I need you to open your bags for me, sir. LIGHTMAN Right. The liquids. I forgot. I'll just check it. Sorry. Lightman turns to head back to baggage check. TORRES

Stop, and open both bags. (into her radio) T-3B Backup. Backup T-3B. Lightman looks down, ANXIOUS. He sets the bags down on the table, reluctantly unzips the bag, unlatches the briefcase. Torres moves to open the briefcase as POLICE with TSA DIELD DEPITY approach.

DOGS and a

She lifts the top of the briefcase revealing THOUSANDS OF DALLARS stacked in twenties. TORRES (CONT'D) You're gonna need to come with us. She indicates the Field Deputy and the police. FOSTER

Actually, you need to come with us. Torres looks at the TSA Deputy who half smiles, nods to Foster. Off Torres's "what the fuck?" INT. DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SECURITY CENTER - DAY A DOZEN TSA TECHS monitor SURVEILLANCE DESPLAYS. TORRES, 29, attractive, no-bullshit, stands with Lightman, Foster and the Field Deputy. TORRES When you leaned out of line, I could tell you were jacked up about something. LIGHTMAN Because I flashed a fear microexpression.




Whatever, you looked like you were going to shit your pants. By the why were you trying to play me? LIGHTMAN I left the Deception Detection Program I founded for the Defense Department. I started a private firm that works with the police, corporations, and almost every Federal agency. We'd like you to come work for us, Ms. Torres. TORRES


You've made arrests and average TSA specialized

LIGHTMAN seven times the number of contraband seizures as the agent. Do you have any deception training? TORRES

I've dated a lot of men. LIGHTMAN Your'e one of the naturals - who test nearly perfect without any advanced training. Like you, the commonly share one characteristic. TORRES

(skeptical) Oh yeah, what's that? LIGHTMAN They have no college degree. They haven't been asked to culticate verbal skills, so instead they focus on body language - what everyone else misses.


19. Torres takes this all in. TORRES

So you left the Defense Department - what did you get tired of Government pay like the rest of us? LIGHTMAN I got tired of being lied to. Torres hab-smile - she can relate. TORRES

When would I start? LIGHTMAN Today. We've already cleared it with the TSA Field Director. Our office'll call you later. Lightman and Foster start to go. Tortes looks at the open briefcase full of cash. TORRES

Don't forget your briefcase. LIGHTMAN That's your signing bonus.


53. TNT. LTGHTM7kN GROUP - FOSTERS OFFICE NIGHT Torres is with Llghtman amid a MESS of Fosters PERSONAL PHOTOS, MEMENTOS, HOMEY FURNITURE, etc. - a stark contrast to Lightman's office. TORRES I don't get it. When T asked her Friday nights - when we knowshe's with the Congressman - she thought for a second and had this smile on her face. I don't think he was doing anything nasty to her.


LIGHTMAN When she smiled, do you remember if there was wrinkling around her eyes? TORRES (thinks, then) Yeah, there was. LIGHTMAN Then it was genuine. In a fake smile, there's no ocular involvement. TORRES it was like she has feelings for I'm saying this guy. She got all defensive when T implied he was into something weird. LTGHTNAN Turn on CNN. KING NEWS s the TV remote, pulling up a CNN Torres c opriate hyperbolic grphics o the LCD: REPORT with NThT REPORTER (PLAY CK) arned still. ut both ...much to be politicians ar confirme to have paid for sex at the night ub. E)


54. CNN REPORTER (PLAYBACK) (CON D) House Ehics Chairman Zeb Well re rtedly pend more than eighty-two tho and dollars o a single excort over a mat r of months. fices moments ited his Congressional He ago CUT TO REPORTERS SW

ING Well as h exits his offices.

NORTER # (PLAYBACK) st V to the club? When did you REPOR #2 (PLAYBACK) ci u habe sex with her? How many times Weil hears the last qon, lo


CUT TO A CONSERVATIV rSERvATIvE COMMENTATORLAYBACK) to Congressment Weil, we 11 get to what a prostitute is too r n. The hypocrisy is The image REWINDS as Foster clicks the DVR remote. LIGHTMAN Look at his disgust when he's asked about having sex with the girl. LIGHTMAN plays Weil's DISGUST EXPRESSION in SLOW MOTION. TORRES He's not disgusted with himself. It's like he's disgusted with the idea of having sex with her. LIGHTMAN Maybe they weren't having sex.

Maybe not. But then why was he so ashamed when we first asked him about going to the club? What if there's something else going on between them? LIGHTMAN Call the Chairmans' office and tell them to hold off on a statement and see if we can talk to the Congressman again.



55. TORBES And til run his name through T,SA s database. It'll pull up anywhere he's traveled, his public records, any background that's out there. If there's any other link to the club or the girl, we'll know.

I Okay. But why does a guy spend eighty-two thousand dollars on an escort he's not having sex with?

ETWO 411

Off foster and Tortes recognizing that is the question... INT. LIN OLN HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE - DAY Lightmarx s akes Principal Castle's hand. Fost sits down. LIGUTMAN Tb Irs for seeing us, Principal CASTLE anything to Lightman KEEPS 3H4CING Castle's ha/cl a second longer than customary. Castie1ooks down. Ljghtxuan lets go. They sit, Ms. MaCart ey had a Ittex argument with someon at se ool the afternoon sN was/murdered. What do you think h could have been about? CA I have no ± a. Do you think another st ant s involved? /FOsTR \ Poss±bl/ We need ko find out who at thi5schoo]. drive this car. Foster shows Cafitle the photo o4Ms. McCartney nest to the car With the 0/en door and unseei\drfver. Ljqhtinan watc.tes Castle. MICROSCObC LIGHTMMJ POV: ECU on Castle's li/'s OPENING SLIGHTLY and OSING AGAIN. CASTLE / /Sure. We can look up wSethe it's / registered for school parking