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Product features and benefits Product application Door and frames New and retrofit construction Building & fire Life Safety Code Compliance

ROAD ACADEMY Dallas 2006

Location: Holiday Inn Select North Dallas 2645 LBJ Freeway Dallas, TX 75234 (972) 243-3363 Two, 1 day classes to choose from August 22nd: Tuesday 8am - 5pm* ~ OR ~ August 23rd: Wednesday 8am - 5pm*

*Luncheon compliments of SDC

See what Atlanta and Los Angeles Attendees had to say about SDC Academy... “I got to hang out with the cool SDC guys! “It was all good. Lively and informative and even a dose of fun.” “Good products I need to know about and sell” “1st class presentations and locations.” “The most important info I learned was how different products worked together and with standard hardware.” “Detailed and informative” “All the products are applicable to my job.” “Good staff, performed to make easy while involving the group” “The format and overview were done very easy to understand.”



Electrified Locksets Stand Alone Locksets Access Controls Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Locks

• Power Supplies


SELECTRIC® Electrified Mortise Lock Electra™ Electrified Cylindrical Lock Exit Check® Delayed Egress Mini Exit Check® Delayed Egress EntryCheck™ Stand Alone Lock PTH Power Transfer Hinge

Distributors Attendee’s company (Wholesale Contract Distributor) will receive an additional 10% discount off their next order, up to $5000 Dealer/Installer Companies Attendee’s company will receive an additional 10% rebate off their next order, up to $5000, placed with an SDC open account distributor. A copy of the SDC distributors invoice indicating billing directly to your company is required by SDC for verification.

GIFT DRAWING Gift Drawings All attendees will be eligible for multiple gift drawings, including an Apple iPod Nano or a Digital Camera

“Good presentation and materials to take home.” “Ron and Brent made a great team and kept our attention. The information was good. I really liked the training materials.” “Its the people who do the seminar that make it far better.” “I have a better understanding of uses and applications.” “Forum allowed for expansion on any subject.” “ to grow our business with SDC and SDC grow theirs with ours.” “You guys are great, its been a pleasure being in your class.” “It was all very good. I was able to take with me new knowledge” “Good place to learn and presenters were excellent.” “The presenters knowledge and presentation ability was far better than other manufacturers seminars.”

R.S.V.P. by August 15th

SDC Academy Hits the Road...

• Attendees must be an active professional of the Security, Door Hardware or Construction Industry or Facilities Security Director or Engineer. • Separate form required for each attendee. Send copy of form for additional registrants. • Class size is limited so reserve your seat right away.

SECURITY DOOR CONTROLS P.O. Box 6219, Westlake Village CA 91359-6219

FAX TO (800) 959-4732 Please specify ONE day only August 22nd: Tuesday 8am - 5pm August 23rd: Wednesday 8am - 5pm Name: Title:

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Contact Information T: (800) 413-8783

F: (800) 959-4732

Reservations: Traci Perry Sales Administrator [email protected]

P.O. Box 6219, Westlake Village, CA 91359 Tel: (800) 413-8783 • Fax: (805) 494-8861 [email protected]

Questions regarding course: Brent Maynard Sales Manager [email protected]