RT2C Team Webinar Slides July 9 2015

RT2C Team Webinar July 9, 2015 Today’s Webinar: Approaches for collecting and displaying data in RT2C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...

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RT2C Team Webinar July 9, 2015

Today’s Webinar: Approaches for collecting and displaying data in RT2C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Review of Core Objectives (Puzzle Pieces) Measures Maps Safety Crosses & Run Charts Breakthrough Improvement Lanes Dot Votes Qualitative Measures: - Impact Statements - Patient Diaries - Patient Surveys

Core Measurement Productive Ward

Core Measurement Mental Health

Measures Map Outcome measure:

What changes will we try to improve our outcome measure?

Process measure:

Process measure:

What unintended consequences might happen as a result of our changes?

Balancing measure(s):

Process measure:

Safety Crosses Sample Measure (e.g. FALLS) Month: March

7 13 19

1 2 3 4 6 5 9 10 11 8 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

12 18 24

Run Charts Plotting Data Over Time

Run Charts Plotting Data Over Time

Run Charts Plotting Data Over Time

Run Charts Plotting Data Over Time

Run Charts Plotting Data Over Time

Run Charts

KHWD Boards and Breakthrough Improvement Lanes

How Breakthrough Improvement Lanes Work How does this issue align with True North?

Provide the best care Promote better health for our communities

Develop the best workforce

Provide the best care

Develop the best workforce

Innovate for sustainability

How are we doing? What is our target?

Run Chart Let’s capture the issue in the moment • What process is creating this problem?

What are the root causes creating this problem?

Promote better health for our communities

Daily Incident Tracking

Pareto Analysis

How will we address these root causes? Who? By When?

Action Plan

What it looks like

Innovate for sustainability

It Often Starts with Safety Crosses

KHWD Board – Breakthrough Improvement Lanes Example

Dot Voting – Staff Satisfaction (General)

Dot Voting – Staff Satisfaction & RT2C Processes

Dot Voting – Staff Engagement with Initiative

Dot Voting → Bar Graph Display 100 90

Staff Satisfaction - Unit XX June 2013 84

Percentage Agreement

80 70


60 50 41


40 30


20 10 0 I enjoy my job

I feel valued and supported in my workplace

I feel my workplace is organized and well kept

I can do my job with minimal interruptions

Satisfaction Statement

Resources are readily available to me to provide safe and effective care

Telling a story with patient feedback


Patient Feedback Diary • Patients invited to post comments, suggestions on the KHWD board •Suggestions logged in Diary with date of resolution

•Can capture stories around the improvement initiatives and the impact for the patient


November 2014 Huddle very positive experience statement from Ward lead "I would like to reflect on yesterday's morning huddle. Susan, our manager, has invited one of our patients to join us and give us some feedback regarding overall service and his experience on the floor while recovering from a major surgery. Even though I can not recall the exact words the patient used, what stayed with me was his genuine response, emphasizing emotional stress being the most difficult to cope with, and a need for "spiritual care" in this challenging time. It seems that in spite of involvement of so many people in his care, he felt lonely".

December 2014 This week we had Felicia and Mary join our afternoon RT2C huddle. It was a pleasure to have you involved with our discussion with the white board. We also had a patient who is a nurse, talk about his experience on the ward. He provided an emotional statement where he mentioned how important choices of words are between patients and nurses. He also mentioned how touched he was with nursing staff helping him with simple tasks, tasks which we normally take for granted. It was a great experience involving a patient with our huddle.

February 2015 We invited one of our patients who described his experience while in ICU and how he remembers being restrained but did not understand why…he shared his fears and emphasized that the importance of clear communication between patient and staff. He verbalized that this has been a life changing experience and one of the hardest hurdles in his life. He thanked the staff and his wife for being alive today.

Trend over time Number of Falls - Medicine

16 14

-Y connectors -Safety checks every shift

12 -Risk assessment on admission

10 Number of Patient Falls

-Nightlights in all patient rooms -LOM on white boards

Median = 8.0

8 6

-New Falls & Injury Reduction Flowsheet

4 2 0 #Falls (Safety Cross)

Goal: To reduce falls by 50% by June 2015 to 6 falls per month. July 14

Aug 9

Sept 9

Oct 4

Nov 7

Dec 8

Jan-13 3

Feb 3

Trending your own data

Questions? What measurement approaches have worked for you?