Commander’s Projects ! “My goal is to support two projects during my year: The American Legion Endowment Fund and the Na...

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Commander’s Projects ! “My goal is to support two projects during my year: The American Legion Endowment Fund and the National Emergency Fund.”—Mike Moss, National Commander, Sons of The American Legion

American Legion Endowment Fund In 1925, Legionnaires, Auxiliary members, and others raised nearly $5 million and established The American Legion Endowment Fund. Since then, over $30 million was distributed to disabled veterans and veterans children. Income from fund investments is distributed to Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation and Children & Youth. Under Children & Youth, the American Legion Endowment Fund supports TFA. Temporary Financial Assistance is for children whose biological parent, or legal guardian, is a veteran eligible for American Legion membership. However, Legion membership is not required. The money directly benefits our veterans children’s health and welfare. Under Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, income from Endowment Fund investments is used to fund training of service officers and veteran’s benefit claims, including legal representation. Funding works to insure that our veterans receive the benefits they are due for now and in the future. In 2015, The American Legion Endowment Fund is 90 years old. As Sons of The American Legion, we should contribute $1,000 for every year the fund has existed. Our 2015 goal is $90,000 in donations.

National Emergency Fund NEF assists Legionnaires and Sons who are displaced or evacuated from their primary home due to damages sustained by a declared natural disaster. Grant monies are given to assist with out–of–pocket expenses incurred as a result of their displacement. Items covered include, but are not limited to, housing, food, gas, clothing and various items needed to sustain the family. As Sons of The American Legion we’ve contributed to NEF in the past. For 2015, our goal is $50,000.

Note: Members, Squadrons, Districts and Detachments making donations to either The American Legion Endowment Fund and/or the National Emergency Fund should send their checks to SAL Liaison John Kerestan, PO Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206, to ensure proper credit.

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