PRM AP Feeder

UTTAR HARYANA EIJLI VITRAN NIGAM From SE/ System Operation, UHBVNL, panchkula. To r.All SE's/Op, Under UHBVN. 2,SEs/ ...

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SE/ System Operation, UHBVNL, panchkula.


r.All SE's/Op, Under UHBVN. 2,SEs/ T.S, HVpN, Karnal, Rohtak & panchkula.

!Iem9 No. Ch- r9rlSE-SO-25/pRM/Vot-r

Dated: 29.05.2019 SubJectr

Power Regulatory Mea8uree



- Agrlculturo

pumpeete (Apl feeders.



730- I 900



pnr,,, rhe name or


along wirh roading

b' The duration ofload restrictions can vary depending upon the system parameters so as to maintain grid discipline,

c' No compensation to the Ap category shan be made during 2000 Hrg; to 2400 Hrs. However AP category may be compensated during rest of the hours with prior consent to ucR, panchkula.

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ould ensure that PRMS are-displayed on every Sub-station /Divisiona.l oflice/ sub-Divisronal laint centre prominently ln Hinii ernd Englisb'arJ aso wlaeiy puuricir"J tt.ough cable T.V./

information or puuti". r'rtey are also requested to appnse the public Health Authorrtres. e' It may be ensured that the PRMB are strletly lmplemented. strtct acilon wlll be taken agaiEst the s/gtatlon stgff & auy otber responslble per.ou for auy oior"tioo lu the loptementa*on of pRM. This issues with the approval of worthy cMD, UHVBN & DHBVN, panchkula.

perotl0n, ncJrkuli,l

I SPStoACS(Power),Govt'ofHaryana,chandigarhforkindinformationofACs(powerl,prease 2 SPS to chairman,p'ower utirities, Haryana for kind information of chairman, pJease. 3 sFS to DGP/Vigilance, HVpN, panchkula, please. (Email id,s:[email protected]

[email protected] [email protected] 4 SPS to Chairman-cum-Managing Director, UHBVN & DHBVN for kind information 5 SPS to Director/T-l , UHBVN, panchkula for kind information of Dir/T_l, please. 6 SPS to Director/T-I , UHBVN, pa.nchkula for kind information of Dir/T_ll, please 7 Chief Engineers/Op, UHBVN, panchkula & Rohtak, please.


of cMD, prease

E Chief Dngineer/SO & Comml., HVPN, panchkula, please.

9 chlof Englneet/ comnl,-D--TBVN, Hlrar, Fe lr requested to ksuo & ctrculate tho above approvod pRMg for all Opcratlon ctrcler of DHBVN, pteare. 10 CE/ Comml,,UHBVN panchkula, for information please. I SE/TS HVPN, Panchkula,Karnal & Rohtak, please.


12 SE/ SLDC/Op, HVpN, panchkula, please.

l3 SE/M&P, UHBVN, panchkula, please. l4 SE/ SO, DHBVN, Hlgar for further oecerrary ectlon,


15 XENs/TS, HVPN, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Madanpur, Kama.l, panipat, Rohtak, please l6 XEN/IT for updating in the web site of UHBVN, please.