Preliminary 2018 Team Annoucement U10

Preliminary Team Announcement* 2018 Age Group: U10 *Players MUST register by Friday 2nd March to confirm their place in ...

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Preliminary Team Announcement* 2018 Age Group: U10 *Players MUST register by Friday 2nd March to confirm their place in this team. To ensure that your registration will be approved for playing in the first match of the season: •

Please review the attached link and if you haven't supplied the documents relating to your situation please email them to our registrar at [email protected] The MWFA application to register form if required is available here – For any queries please contact your Age Group Manager Wendy on [email protected] Surname Akyuz Alcock Bartolo Bayl Bedard Bell Berberian Boulos Butler Caine Childs Chrara Cleaves Coles Condon cooper cooper Crookwell D'Arcy Diebold Doherty Dotter Dowbiggin Duncan Falck Febbraio Finlay Firth Forbes Ford Godfrey Gondon Green Haskew Hogg Hunziker James Johnson Kane Kevric King

FirstName Aydin Beau Luke Nicholas Joshua Hamish Maxim Reuben Oliver Charlie Asher Noah Zachary Sebastian Sasha Leo toby Daniel Nicholas Zara Samuel Jared Oliver Donnie Koby Maso Hobson Liam Louis Callum Callum Flex Luke Benjamin Cameron Harrison Clancy Lachlan James James Archie

Team Name Lighting Cyclones Cyclones Lighting Tornadoes Lasers Tornadoes Lasers Thunder Lasers Lasers Lasers Tornadoes Hurricanes Thunder Cyclones Tornadoes Lasers Lighting Thunder Cyclones Lasers Cyclones Hurricanes Meteors Cyclones Meteors Hurricanes Cyclones Thunder Meteors Hurricanes Meteors Thunder Lighting Lighting Hurricanes Hurricanes Cyclones Cyclones Tornadoes

Surname Kingham Kisten Koch LI Lima Luxford-Smith Mackenzie Madaraz Mapson Martin Mason-Jones Matousek Nash NAYLOR Netting Okamura Pat Paul Perna Peter Phegan Phillips Plummer porter Poulos Price Quinn Russell Spadina Stewart Takianos Tapper van Kempen Walker Walker Walters West Williams Williams Wilson Wong Yu

FirstName Aidan Nicholas Ted CHANGZE Ian Levi Lucas Ethan Callum Tate Hugo Matteo Harrison Kai Rubi Sean Yoav Joshua Hudson Rumi Max Noah Matthew Matthew Izack Lachlan Liam Cameron Mali Logan Steffan Lachlan Deran Matthew Xavier Josiah Oliver Joel Oliver Nathan Aden Kieran

Team Name Hurricanes Hurricanes Thunder Thunder Hurricanes Lighting Hurricanes Lighting Meteors Hurricanes Meteors Cyclones Lighting Meteors Thunder Cyclones Tornadoes Thunder Tornadoes Lasers Lasers Lighting Thunder Tornadoes Lasers Hurricanes Lighting Cyclones Tornadoes Lighting Lighting Lasers Hurricanes Cyclones Lasers Tornadoes Lasers Meteors Tornadoes Meteors Meteors Thunder