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HI-TECH 2016 Hi-Tech is the annual technical fest of MIT held usually in the month of October every year. This year HiTech was organized in the month of March dated 11th and 12th. Since it is a technical fest, a variety of technical events were held under this. This year a total of ten events were organized which were:   


KESHAV MEHROTRA Knew It!”made the participants to improve their GK while “Puzzle” and “Quiz” allowed them to sharpen their minds by tricky questions.“Techpsyche” served as a step up on the ladder of knowing the college and its evils and gave participants a chance to suggest ideas to improve the institute, while the area of creativity and innovation was also not left untouched by “Collage Making”.

Group Discussion Tech Psyche Paper Presentation Trustees of MIT Group of Institutions presenting a memento Each and every event of Hito the Chief Guest Sri Nitin Tiwari Ji, SSP, Moradabad (Pragyan) Tech got ample amount of  Collage Making participation and lots of support from  You Knew It! was overwhelmed by the working spirit the respective faculty conveners. The  Quiz (Chakravyuh) of the students and the faculty members hard work of the student coordinators,  Model and Software Exhibition and also suggested to hold this fest on an co-coordinators and members can also  Crossroad inter college level. A large number of never be neglected if we talk about the  VLSI Exhibition students were allowed to help coordisuccess of Hi-Tech. The faculty organizer  Puzzle nate the events which improved their of Hi-Tech Mr. Nishant Saxena (EE management skills and they were also These events were held in the two days Dept.) thanked every faculty member for made to learn to work as a team. The period allotted for Hi-Tech 2016. This active support, along with the coevents under Hi-Tech covered each genwhole fest is looked upon eagerly, every convener Mr. Vikas Bhatnagar (CS re possible like quizzes, crafts, brain teasyear, by each student and faculty of the Dept.), on the prize distribution ceremoers, etc. which helped the participants, college. The fest serves as a platform for ny held on 12th of March after the comand even the coordinators, to improve the students to showcase their technical pletion of Hi-Tech. He also appreciated their skills and knowledge. skills in front of the public. The tradition all the students who participated and of holding this fest is along with the cul- The two days of Hi-Tech served as a coordinated in the events of Hi-Tech tural function Utkarsh, on the evening of giant booster to the skills of MITians as mentioning that the whole fest would the last day of Hi-Tech. Students are they got the chance to develop their not have been possible to get organized given the opportunity to groom their public speaking and presentation skills in such a wonderful manner without skills. The chief guest for the inaugural from the events like “Paper Presenta- their constant support. He also said that ceremony of Hi-Tech 2016 was Mr. Nitin tion” and “Group Discussion”. They got the greatest support he got was from the Tiwari, SSP, Moradabad. He had com- the opportunity to polish their technical student coordinators of Hi-Tech, Nitin pleted his B.Tech from IIT, Delhi and skills through the events like “Model and Bhatnagar (EC, 4th Year) and Neeraj qualified the IPS exam in the year Software Exhibition” and “VLSI Exhibi- Sharma (EC, 4th Year). After the wind up 2007.He applauded the students and the tion”, whereas “Crossroad” included of this year’s Hi-Tech, we have more management for holding such wonderful learning some out of the box things eyes, with glitter in them, looking fortechnical fest in the premise of MIT. He through fun and entertainment. “You ward for the arrival of next year’s fest.





HI-TECH 2016 CHAKRAVYUH This one was a feather in the cap of HI-TECH. The event saw mass participation in terms of the branches/courses it accommodated. The event coordinators took immense care of the fact that the event should be highly advertised and embrace all the students of MITGI. Though the event was a simple quiz, but it was made interesting by the theme of Chakravyuh. Everyone felt that he/she is in a war situation and was all alert during the whole event, with every sense fully immersed in it.

ANMOL GOEL teams further proceeded. The penultimate round was, GARUD VYUH, 2 teams PRADYUMNA and VIDUR, couldn’t make it to the last round. Rest 3 teams further progressed as finalists. The last round, CHAKRAVYUH, saw the winners after some nerve testing and high pressure moments. NAKUL won the event and got the title of “ABHIMANYU” EKLAVYA got the title of “1ST RUNNER UP”

The screening round was of 30 minutes conducted on two different days.

BHEEM got the title of “2ND RUNNER UP”

After the screening round another round had to be conducted seeing the level of competition.

Anshika Gupta CS 4th yr

The next round saw 15 teams qualify for the next and the final round. These teams were given the different names according to the theme of Chakravyuh.


Hitendra Rajput CE 3rd yr Team EKLAVYA: Dev Khanna EC 3rd yr Deepanshu Solanki EC 3rd yr

Team BHEEM: Winners of the Chakravyuh along with The final round has various subManas Bhatnagar CE 1st yr rounds; first one was Faculty Conveners and Judges Manvi Raheja CS 1st yr PADMAVYUH, in this 3 teams SAHDEV, VIRAT, JANMEJAY, were eliminated Rest 12 teams Two faculty members were invited as judges Mr. Prabal further proceeded. Bhatnagar and Ms. Ruchi Varshney. Next was the MANDALVYUH, 3 teams were eliminated, namely, DRONACHARYA, SANJAY and INDRA. Rest 9 teams further proceeded. Third round was ARDHACHAKRAVYUH, 4 teams eliminated were ARJUN, YUDHISTIR, DROPAD and BHEESHM. Rest 5

Faculty convenors were Mr. Puneet Rai, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Ms. Prachi Gupta and Ms .Priyanka Goel. Event was well coordinated by the Student Coordinators Anmol Goel (CS 4th year) and Pulkit Verma (IT 4th year).






CHE (In Search of a Technical Soul)

In the long list of spectacular events held under Hi-Tech. Tech Psyche, an event of its own kind, was one of the events that electrified its participating souls to a whole new level. This was a new addition to the HiTech list, and with the new flavour of creativity with the soul of technology, this event truly touched everyone’s heart.

Each group had to solve a mystery by collecting evidences and following directions as a detective and also had to come up with a case story that they could think must have been. The group that came up with the closest story as designed by the event coordinators won and qualified for the last round. The last round, Campus Evils, came down the wire to every Individual being. Each participant had to collect the photos from all around the campus in thirty minutes. The captured photos must show the evils that they think must be removed to make the campus a better place.

In the first round, Selfie Trade which started a week before the main event, students had to take a selfie along with any household product and portray their marketing skills. The second round, TechHunt, the qualifiers were divided in a group of 6 members each, then they had to collectively solve a puzzle, to reach to the next question. 10 groups made it to the next round.

Students in contention

The third round, Beat the Clock, the added twist took everyone by surprise as the groups were reconstructed to form pairs. Each pair was then assigned a different task from twelve different categories, one of the two who successfully completed the task proceeded to the next round. Next round, The Room, again saw the regrouping to 6 a side.


Members of Tech Psyche Event

The judges for this event were Mr. Vikas Singh (H.O.D, CS) and Mr. Manish Saxena (Physics Dept.). The First Position was secured by Mudit Kapoor, Second by Hemant Kumar and Damini Bhola and Third Position was grabbed by Palak Agarwal. The event would not have been successful without the constant guidance of Faculty Convener Mr. Sunil Kumar and also the hard work of Student Coordinators Ishika Agarwal and Priyanka Sharma and CoCoordinators Aayushi Deep and Shubhi Shukla.





HI-TECH 2016 YOU KNEW IT Most spicy addition to the HI -TECH recipe this year “YOU KNEW IT”. The event was arguably the most popular event this year.

spective of the result, as they had been a part of something really spectacular. It consisted of 3 rounds and the 1st round involved questions based on memory i.e. our day to day life our roads, college, family, restaurants, and our own body as well.

What makes an event grand? Certainly the participants it has. The participants were the very soul of the event. When there is an atmosphere in which the free thinking is allowed to blossom, the shackles are allowed to be broken, where there are no limits to excitement and joy, and yet there is harmony. This is what this event was all about. The event coordinators kept in mind how they will manage the limited resources and also accommodate the load of entries. They already had some backup arrangements considering the fact that there may be more than expected participation, so much was the buzz of the event that they even had to arrange for a second leg of it. The second leg was also as successful and packed as the previous one. As a matter of fact, the event had to extend the projected time and was also given relaxation seeing the huge participation. Every person coming out of the hall had a grin on his face, irre-


The 2nd round “WORD ANTAKSRI” was perhaps more interesting, rather than making the chain of songs the contestants have to make the longest word chain possible.

Students participating enthusiastically

Organizing Team

The 3rd round or final round “WHISTLE BLOWER ROUND” was between the qualifiers of the first two rounds, it tested the memory, knowledge, concentration as well as presence of mind of the participants. The first position was secured by Anant Singh (E.E., 2ndyr) and Puneet Sharma (M.E., 2ndyr) second position by Aishwarya and Tanvi (C.S., 1st year) and third position by Anuroop Gupta and Shreya Agarwal (C.S., 3rd year). The student coordinators were Aman Mishra and Kanika Rastogi (3rd year E.C.). The faculty convenors wereMs. Alpna Singh, Ms. Pragati Gupta, Ms. Ritika Tandon, and Ms. Lavi Agarwal.





HI-TECH 2016 CROSS ROAD It’s always a need to add new flavors but there is need to preserve the old taste too. This is what we actually think when we talk about the traditional HITECH event ‘Cross Road’. The event was organized in D-Block Auditorium. Students participated actively and zestfully in the event. Entries were in a group of 2. The event consisted of 4 rounds. First round was the qualifying round; a simple 10 question set was given to students.

Students paving their way to the victory

ARPITA BHATNAGAR The amount of participation of the students were to be seen by the fact that the coordinators of this event were forced to hold two phases of the first round, breaching the time limit they were given for conducting the event. The major attraction of this event was an electronic train made by Vaibhav Sharma (EC, 2nd Year) who was the member of this event. The train had a webcam attached to it which covered the live audience of the event. Vaibhav named this train as "Cross Road Express". This train's fame took Vaibhav Sharma to new heights that the local newspaper called him for interviewing about his train.

Around 100 groups were promoted for the next round. This round was PPT Cross Road Express based, containing 30 intuitive questions. Students were very much involved and every- The winners of the event were – one wanted to contribute in his way to the event. 1st - Sanchit Khanna (EE, 2nd Year) & Arpit Sharma (EE, 2nd The next round could see only 25 groups, which was about Year) searching the maximum number of words in one minute in a 2nd - Somya Kapoor (EC, 2nd Year) & Ilarika Sethi (CH, 2nd puzzle game played on laptop which was shown on a projector Year) to the audience as well. This round was all about how good you held onto your nerves. There were some crunch moments 3rd - Deepa Sharma (EC, 2nd Year) & Vaibhav Garg (EC, 2nd too. Year), Anubhi Singh (EC, 2nd Year) & Aditi Shrivastava (CS, 2nd Year) After much of grinding & excitement being at its peak, 8 groups were promoted for the last round. In this, the participants had The event was well coordinated under the supervision of Facto unjumble a word given to them on a piece of paper in a jum- ulty Conveners Ms. Anupam Yadav, Ms. Manjari Sharma, Ms. bled form and then they had to prepare a skit on that word. Monica Kathuria, Ms. Anshika Sharma. The Student CoordinaThe event was remarkable and it won overwhelming support tors were Shruti Bhatnagar (EI, 3rd Year) and Parth Dhall (EC, from the students. 3rd Year).







With more add-ons in Hi-Tech 2016, Collage Making was another creative event organized by HI-TECH society in Engineering Drawing Lab, A-block.

The vibrant nature of the themes was very much in accordance with the very soul of HI-TECH. This event provided the students to showcase their artistic talent and creativity.

When the creative minds of participants were mingled with In a quest of expression and cresome apparently waste stuff ativity, first position was secured then the innovations coming by Somya Singh, Chirag Agarwal, out were seen shining everyAbhay Kumar and Priyanka where. The participation was Bhatnagar, second position was allowed in a group of three or secured by Ubais Ansari, Gajenfour. The collages made by the Students putting their ideas through collage making dra Pal and Mohd. Danish and participants covered almost third position was grabbed by every sector of the society including Indian Media, Deplorable Gauri and Somya Gupta. Condition Of Women, Corruption, Scientific Development, Make In India, Praising Government Policies and treating them The Faculty Conveners for this great event, full of innovations and creativity, were Ms. Manu Singh, Ms. Niyati Gulati, Ms. Isha critically too and what not. Singh and Ms. Alka Verma.

GROUP DISCUSSION Another gem in the Hi-Tech events was Group Discussion, which was held in B-Block Seminar Hall.

You give a platform to a youth and then see how he presents his/her views. This is how this event can be explained in one line.


clarity by students at such a young. To put it in few words, this Group Discussion was more exciting and involved even the non-participants as an active audience. The event was won by Shruti Bhatnagar, EI, Third Year, followed by Shubham Gupta, CS, Final Year and the third prize was jointly given to Vasu, EE, Third Year and Anant Shaurya Gaur, EC, Final Year.

A total of five members were called on the stage at a time and were given Students articulating their thoughts topics randomly on which they had to present their views sequentially. Normally on listening the word ‘Group Discussion”, our mind fills with a lot of pre- The Faculty Conveners were Mr. Manish Trikha, Mr. Jai Karan conceived notions about the same old script of fighting and Singh, Mr. Ankur and Ms. Pragati Gupta. The Student Coordibickering at small issues, but this one came out of the blocks nators were Izram Atique and Jaya Routela. and unleashed itself into a whole new level of sanity and value





HI-TECH 2016 MODEL & SOFTWARE EXHIBITION DEEPTI AGARWAL HI-TECH as the name says it all, there couldn’t have been much more apt to start such an extravaganza of various colors of an engineering college, with such an event. Final year students from various branches presented their research and project works in such a way that everyone was awestruck and speechless. There were various projects from Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, and Civil Engineering departments. The students presented their models with such grace that even the teachers were one of the listeners, that is the victory of a teacher when the student has something to tell that the teacher doesn’t know. The event looked simple but it was a result and hard work of all the students who coordinated, participated in the event as it required patience, perseverance and dedication to complete this tedious task. The event was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Nitin Tiwari (SSP Moradabad), an IIT-D graduate himself, but saw every project and demonstration with an inquisitiveness of a small kid, eager to learn. All the dignitaries including Mr. Neeraj Kumar Agarwal (Chairman, MIT), Mr. Arvind Goyal (Past Chairman, MIT), Mr. Y.P Gupta (Secretary, MIT), Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal (Joint Secretary, MIT), Mr. Sudhir Gupta (Founder Chairman, MIT),

Prof. (Dr.) R.B. Saxena (Director General, MIT), Prof. A.Ghosh (Director, MIT), Dr. Manish Saxena were also present there. This event was well organized under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Simrat Singh Gill and Mr. Mohd. Illylas.

Student demonstrating his project

Chief Guest structuring his thoughts

What added the flavor was the Chief Guest’s comment, "The event was really great and was excellently managed. Entering the exhibition area made me felt like I am some where in an IIT and the college must look forward to expand this fest to an inter college level". The first prize winners were Charu Gupta, Anshul Saxena, Gomesh Thakur, Bhaskar Soti (4th year EC), second prize winners was won by Tushar Rastogi, Sunil Kumar, Vinni Khanna, Wafa Rizwi (4th year CS) and the third prize winners were Sumna Khan, Shivani Rajput, Shubham Kumar, Sanyam Saxena (4th year EC). The student co-ordinators were Shobhit Agarwal (4th year) and Shubham Gupta (4th year). This event set the tone for rest of the events of HI-TECH, and things flourished beautifully.

Organising Team with Chief Guest





HI-TECH 2016 PUZZLE This is one of the traditional events of HI-TECH, as the name suggests this event was based on puzzles, mind boggling questions of different fields like GK, Social science, aptitude, reasoning etc.

SHAGUFTA NAAZ pare a collage of it. Events like this are the only place where a final year student is happy to be defeated in competition by a 1st year student. These are things which add to the beauty and worth of these types of college festivals.

In the first round, there were four different sheets given to students with some hidden clues in it. The students had to pick the clues get the hint and reach the desired solution.

First position was secured by Manas Bhatnagar(1st year, CE) and Mohd Akbar (1st year, CS). Second position was secured by Mohd Anas (2nd year, CE), Students enjoying the event In the second round the questions Mohd Ovais (2nd year, CE), Deepali were much more familiar and it was a know your campus kind Vasudev (2nd year, CE) and third position by Shubham Kanojia of thing, there were various edited pictures of the well-known (4th year, ME), Ayushi Agarwal (3rd year, EN) and Tusharika and well identified college campus locations. But it’s always Gupta (4th year, EN). difficult to get it right in a nail-biting situation. The faculty conveners were Mr. Ritu Rajan, Mr. Vipul Agarwal, In the last and the most creative round, the participants were Ms. Neha Gupta and Ms. Shweta Agarwal. Student coordinagiven 10 newspapers, they had to get the hints hidden in the tors were Shivangi Agarwal (CS 4th year) and Shubham Arora newspapers, and then had to get the particular news and pre- (IT 4th year).



Pragyan, the name says it all, it means Agarwal, Ms. Shilpi Rani, Mr. Arvind Kugreater knowledge, wisdom. Students mar and Mr. Ankur Bansal. chose any latest technological research The first prize winners in group presenor device and had to present it. Some of tation were Juhi Bhatia (3rd year, EN) the students showed that Engineering is and Mayank (3rd year, EN), second prize not just about technical knowledge, it’s a winners were Nitin Kumar (3rd year, way of life and did not only stick to the CE) and Uday Pratap Singh (3rd year, that domain only but also extended CE) and the third prize winners were Audience listening to the Presenter their approach to the psychological Mohd Parvej (2nd year, ME) and Mohd realms of human mind, presenting some papers like psychology Arij (2nd year EE). The first prize winner in solo presentation behind advertisements, and many more. What amazed everywas Tusharika Gupta (4th year, EN), second was Ishu Banga one was the level of understanding the students had about (3rd year, IT) and the third was Harshit Gupta (4th year, ME). their topic of presentation, a remarkable effort. The student coordinators of the event were Shubham Kanojia The faculty conveners were Mr. Manas Singhal, Mr. Mayur (4th year ME) and Romi Deep (4th year CS).





HI-TECH 2016 ICT EXHIBITION EC Department organized ICT exhibition on 12th march under HITECH, in B-Block corridor, 1st Floor. In this exhibition, students of 3rd year and 4th year of Electronics and Communication branch presented their models and charts on various topics of Integrated Circuit Technology. The exhibition was very informative and filled with creativity where students participated with zeal. A total of 51 groups of students participated in this exhibition under the guidance of faculties. All the eminent personalities of the college praised the event and the conceptual clarity with which the students explained their models.

SUMNA KHAN Participants made their models look attractive by the spare materials only, and in this heed no single model looked less eyecatching then a professionally made model. It is difficult to decide when everyone is so good in the competition, but judges did an excellent job, the participants were judged on the basis of the presentation of their models and the amount of knowledge they had of the subject. The Exhibition was conducted by Dr. Kshitij Shinghal, Mr. Amit Saxena, Ms. Deepti Shinghal, Ms. Anupam Yadav and Ms. Pragati Gupta and the student coordinaters were Smarika Agarwal (EC, 4th Year), Sumna Khan (EC, 4th Year) and Shivani Rajput (EC, 4th Year).

As today’s era is of new technologies and reThe event was won by searches so this exhibiStudents with their charts & models Anant Shaurya Gaur and tion focused its attention Archit Saxena, EC Final solely to this field only. Students came out with innovative approaches to form their Year. The second prize went to Prachi Saxena and Niharika, models related to Integrated Circuit Technology. Participants EC Final Year. The third position was grabbed by Lalit Saini and also taught a great lesson to all that although the resources are Munazir Mustafa, EC Final Year. limited but one can do anything with those limited resources if There were also two consolation prizes which were given to one is strong within. Almost all the models were made using Neetu Rani and Pratibha, EC Final Year and Ubais Ansari and materials like spare CDs, cardboards, CD covers and other Sofia Bandra, EC Third Year. such things which is always discarded by us in the dustbins.





HOBBIES CLUB : GAMING ARENA SAURODEEP CHATTERJEE This Utkarsh ’16 witnessed marvellous events organised by Hobbies Club, named together under ‘The Gaming Era’. The events were divided in the course of two days, where students from all the departments of MITGI participated in huge numbers. There was a gush of happiness all around in the campus and sounds of laughter, hooting could be heard everywhere. People were enthusiastic as to be a part of such level of fun. Events started off with the Rangoli Making competition; Nail and Hair Styling; Tattoo and Mehndi Making; Best out of Waste; Paper Dress and finally, the Minute-to-Win-it races, on day-1. Active participation in tremendous numbers could be seen in all the events, especially in minute -to-win-it races. This particular event was organised in the Central park of the college, unlike others which were held in class halls of academic blocks. About five different races were organised, and enthusiasm from the crowd added to the show. Day-2 held Cooking Without Gas; Describe The Location and Treasure Hunt, as events. Treasure

Hunt like every year is the most awaited event of the annual fest. Students get together in the group of five and search for clues, which lead them to the next clues, until they reach the final one. The team which finds the final clue first, is declared as the winning team. The Treasure Hunt Fever

The organising team of the Hobbies Club Gaming Arena

The winners along with the Faculty Advisors

This year, there was heavy rain on the day of the event but that did not stop participation from the students and about 80 groups registered themselves. The hunt became more exciting as people ran about the campus, all drenched in rain, searching for the clues, giggling, screaming, laughing all the way. The entire set of events was a whole new experience for the organising team, who worked together in good spirits always, to make it a successful one. The faculty convener Dr. Deepti Gupta, and other faculty advisors Dr. Archana Saxena, Mr. Atul Kukreti, Ms. Kalpna Agarwal, Ms. Megha Giri and Ms. Shuchita Saxena, guided through all the management and made sure that students improve in every step, as team and as individuals.





MITSA SPORTS MEET 2016 PRACHI SAXENA MITians show what their class is, every time they get a chance to showcase it. Not only in academics but, much more beyond that. Be it their mental exploration or their physical strength, they give it all to what is needed; things turn their way just because of their dedication, hard work and passion for excellence. Youth is characterised by his very qualities of enthusiasm, spirited efforts, never say die attitude, and the list is endless. Each and every of this quality was at display, and that too at its best, in the college’s annual sports fest, MITSA Sports Meet, The sports fest is a test of character of a student, he has to portray each and every quality which he has learnt as a student, to be a good sportsperson. The teamwork, during the relay races, the ability to push oneself during the dashes, to buck your friends during their various races and athletic competitions, all are organised to remind the students that only a healthy body can have a healthy mind. The day started with every participant taking the pledge that he will participate in the events keeping in mind the spirit of sportsmanship and

will never be part of anything unethical during the whole event.

SP Sujata Singh along with the winners of 100m

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Neeraj Kumar Agarwal (Chairman, MIT), in the gracious presence of various other trustees, Director General Sir, Director Sir and faculty members of the college, various events such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 4*100m relay races, long jump, high jump, discus throw, hammer throw, shot put, javelin throw were organised. The end of the day was marked by a felicitation ceremony by Ms. Sujata Singh, SP Dehat, Moradabad. Her presence filled everyone with joy, confidence, and her serene ambience was a motivation for all.

SP Sujata Singh Congratulating the Winners

The organizing team along with D.G. Sir and Director Sir

The event was well coordinated by the sincere efforts of college sports instructor Ms. Neetu Singh, Mr. Rahul Singh and Mr. Amit Deval along with the sincere student coordinators from various engineering branches. The event was well coordinated by the sincere efforts of college sports instructor Ms. Neetu Singh, Mr. Rahul Singh and Mr. Amit Deval along with the sincere student coordinators from various engineering branch-




UTKARSH 2016 MITians after creating sensations on the technical and mental grounds for the first two days, now rock and roll the whole vicinity with their drums, guitars, energetic dances, expressive stage performances and various other cultural celebrations.



APJ Abdul Kalam and Malala Yusufzai who came out from the same sea which was being undergoing the process. The second act named ‘Ek Taara Bole’ brought to attention to issues like corruption and bad politics. The whole drama was woven around the message of removing corruption into the song ‘Ek Taara Bole’ with firm slap on the face of corrupt politicians.

The celebration had to be big, as the college completed its 20 years this time. The college was lit up in beautiful lights all over, the weather The third act took the gaze Students portraying the vibrant colours of MIT took the atmosphere to a towards a different aspect of whole new level and spirits anyone with their mesmerizing and melo- human behavior. The act showed how a were high, with even God participating in dious performance which saw a mix of human, after reaching to the highest level the act of lighting up the campus with a of his life’s ladder, forgets about the Indi-Pop and the Sufi music. brisk lightning every now and then. roots that nourished him and when Just like the band performance, the Everyone was amazed to see this duet of those roots gets crippled and worn out dance performances were also a mix of God and the performers in tandem with then there is nothing left besides lament the western, classical, hip-hop and freeeach other. and remorse. The ending echo of restyle dancing. morse of the son for his father made The event began with the blessings of MITians did not stop here, every perfor- everyone take a moment from his/her Lord Ganesha, when an act dedicated to mance was in some way or other depict- life and think about the conditions. him was performed, the majestic dance ing the youth’s awareness about the variperformance given by the students The Chief Guest in his address said that ous social issues, striking the correct served as a booster to the audience, and each individual in his lifetime must do chord so as to enthrall the audience and they were spellbound for the rest of the something to serve his/her nation. He send them home thinking and analyzing. event. After all the formal proceedings said that earning money is the necessity that included lamp lightening and garland- A total of three well written, well por- of life but we must also do things which ing of the Chief Guest, Mr. Subhash trayed, and well performed plays were benefit the society and the nation. He Chandra Sharma, Commissioner of Po- there which targeted the different points laid emphasis on the fact that how these lice, Moradabad, the energy level of the one has to deal in is day to day life. The things are responsible for our existence. audience and the ambience got intensi- first one, ‘Samudra-Manthan’ showed This year’s Utkarsh set the new levels of fied. very satirically the evils of our societies excellence for the forthcoming years. that were portrayed to come out of The zeal of the participants is to be seen The next performance was the main feaSamudra-Manthan. The social causes like as an inspiration for those who sit idle ture of the whole night, the college band pollution, women ill-treatment, human when a hurdle appears in their way. Even Manthan, with a few add-ons from last insensitivity etc. were depicted in the the Gods couldn’t prevent the students year, higher confidence after having won play. The performers also portrayed the from performing; all they could do was at the national level at various institutes personas of some great personalities like to help in adding to the beauty of the all over India, they were ready to hit the Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. event all over. floor and yes they did not disappoint



O.C. Ms. Deepti Shinghal




Anant Shaurya Gaur

Nitin Bhatnagar

Archit Saxena

Ms. Anupam Yadav

Moderator: Niharika Verma, Prachi Saxena, Smarika Agarwal, Sumna Khan, Anmol Goel, Anshika Gupta Columnist: Areeb-ur-Rehman Shamsi, Keshav Mehrotra, Shruti Bhatnagar,

Editor Dr. Sangeeta Mahesh Dr. Nishi Chauhan

Journalist:Saurodeep Chatterjee, Deepti Agarwal, Shagufta Naaz, Siddhant Sinha

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