June 2016 Calendar of Events

June 2016 Calendar of Events Baton Rouge Region June 7 (Tuesday): GET GO’ING & CULINARY RUN: Texas Roadhouse Restaurant ...

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June 2016 Calendar of Events Baton Rouge Region June 7 (Tuesday): GET GO’ING & CULINARY RUN: Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Tour and Lunch 10360 N Mall Dr (off Siegen Lane)

$6.00 per Person - to be paid at the restaurant We will meet at the restaurant to eat lunch and after lunch we will have a tour of the restaurant – not the usual tour - but a FUN time. We will “pound” some of dough to make delicious bread and they will bake the bread for us to bring home! ▪. Please call with your menu choice: Hamburger and fries or Grilled Chicken Sandwich and fries or Pulled Pork Sandwich and fries Arrival: 11:00 am RSVP REQUIRED June 8 (Wednesday): BREAKFAST BUNCH: “Acid Reflux Disease“ Presented by: Gregory Gaspard, Ochsner MD Can Acid Reflux disease be treated with diet and lifestyle changes?... If acid reflux symptoms happen more than twice a week, you have acid reflux disease, also known as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD).... One common cause of acid reflux disease is a stomach abnormality called a ...Dr. Gaspard will discuss the symptoms, the causes, the tests and treatments of acid reflux. 9:30 am - 11:00 am ▪ Hospital Classroom ▪ Snack provided. RSVP REQUIRED

June 9 (Thursday): MOVIE REVIEW: “Me Before You” AMC Theater 16040 Hatteras Avenue GO members will meet at the theater at 9:30am $5.00 per person - admission $4.00 per person – small drink, small popcorn & fruitie tootie snack. Louisa “Lou” Clark (Clarke) lives in a quaint town in the English countryside. With no clear direction in her life, the quirky and creative 26-year-old goes from one job to the next in order to help her tight-knit family make ends meet. Her normally cheery outlook is put to the test, however, when she faces her newest career challenge. Taking a job at the local “castle,” she becomes caregiver and companion to Will Traynor (Claflin), a wealthy young banker who became wheelchair bound in an accident two years prior, and whose whole world changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. No longer the adventurous soul he once was, the now cynical Will has all but given up. That is until Lou determines to show him that life is worth living. Embarking together on a series of adventures, both Lou and Will get more than they bargained for, and find their lives—and hearts -- changing in ways neither one could have imagined. RSVP REQUIRED

June 29 (Wednesday): ROAD TRIP: WWII Museum: Stage Door Canteen $55.00 per Person (includes transportation and lunch) Depart from Ochsner Plaza II: 9:00 am Return Time: 4:30 pm The Victory Belles bring to life the songs that inspired the Allies to victory during World War II. This new Belles show features musical gems of the era such as White Cliffs of Dover, Harbor Lights, The Last Time I Saw Paris, La Vie En Rose, and I'll Be Seeing You, all sung in rich, three-part harmony. You may even find yourself dancing with one of our beautiful Belles! Lunch is a buffet. No tour of the museum during this trip. Your payment must be received within 5 days of making the reservation to confirm your seat. RSVP REQUIRED

The office will be closed from June 20 – 24, 2016. I will be on vacation.

Volunteers Needed at Ochsner Clinic located on Summa Avenue – free jacket provided; Christmas and Volunteer luncheon annually. If interested call LaMarylis Newman @ 755-4986.

Upcoming Trips: July 22, 2016 - Friday Hansen’s Disease Tour / Houma’s House Plantation Lunch & Tour $62.00 per person We will tour Hansen’s Disease Center in Carville then we will enjoy a buffet lunch and a tour of Houma’s House Plantation. The buffet will consist of Gumbo, Caesar Salad, Fried Catfish, BBQ Chicken, Shrimp Fettuccine, Red Beans and Rice, Louisiana Seafood Pasta, Corn Manqué Choux and White Chocolate Bread Pudding. August 22, 2016 – Friday Did You Know Tour? $30.00 per person – LUNCH ON YOUR OWN A step on guide, local historian, will board the bus and we will tour the Old and the New State Capitols. Connie will give enlighten us with unknown facts of our city and surrounding areas. We will have lunch at Hymel’s Restaurant in Convent. After lunch, we will tour St. Michaels Catholic Church learning a valuable lesson in history with a surprise visitor and discover two hidden secrets of the church. September 2, 2016 – Friday Martin Accordion Factory Tour and Demonstration / Prejean’s Restaurant $60.00 per person Martin Accordion is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing and repairing accordions for thirty years. It will consist of music with a live band (Joel Martin and the Family Band) and a discussion on making accordions, the history of Cajun music, and much more. They will play Cajun music, Country music, Gospel and Zydeco. We will be taken back to the early 1900’s with the old fashion authentic accordion music. We will learn the differences in accordion styles and pointing out the unique features of the Martin accordion. In the workshop we see how detailed the process of making an accordion. After this exciting adventure, we will dine at the famous Prejean’s Restaurant. The menu will consist of: Choice of Appetizer: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Seafood Stuffed Mushroom Popcorn Crawfish w/ Sherry Wine Sauce Choice of Entrée: Charbroiled Chicken Prejean: Marinated charbroiled chicken breast atop sauce supreme served with Rice Dressing and corn macque choux Crawfish Half & Half: A combination of crawfish Etouffee and fried crawfish tails served around a mound of steamed white rice Shrimp: lightly battered and fried golden brown served with French fries Dessert: Bread Pudding with Jack Daniel's Sauce House salad with homemade parmesan vinaigrette Just a reminder: On road trips, please be aware of the amount of perfume or cologne that you use, some people are allergic to these products.

When a fee is involved: It must be received within 5 days of making the reservation to confirm your seat. Please check availability with the GO office before mailing a check. YOU ARE NOT SCHEDULED FOR THE EVENT UNTIL THE CHECK IS RECEIVED. Please submit separate checks for events. For more information on upcoming trips, activities, meetings, to submit a suggestion or to make a reservation call: Cindy Wilks, Program Coordinator 17000 Medical Center Drive ▪ Baton Rouge LA 70816 [email protected] 225-755-4984