IR Bucket

DGS&D - QA DQA/GE/288(1) Inspection Report for Plastic Bucket (To be prepared separately for each lot /size inspected)...

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Inspection Report for Plastic Bucket (To be prepared separately for each lot /size inspected)

QA Office File no. RC/Order no. Supplier Description of Stores

Inspection Call No and date Quantity ordered Place of Inspection Quantity offered

Plastic Bucket

Date of Inspection Call Packing Details(Attach Details) IS Specification

Lot No.

Date(s) of Inspection

Quantity Inspected Marking on Packing (If any)


Sample selected as per IS 12701/1996 Source of raw material □ Pre-inspection report □ Packing □ Workmanship & Finish (as Freedom from defects □ Finish □ per R/C) □

Verify correctness as per contract (Tick √) Test Results Parameter



Dimensions: AS per drawing Length (mm) Daimeter (mm) Height (mm Thickness (mm)




Markings □ Material TC □

Sample no. 4


Use separate sheet For other dimensions

3 mm (Minimum)

2 Finish 3. Weight of bucket 4. Weight of Lid 10/15 Litres

5. Capacity of Bucket 6. Distorsion Test 7. Overload Test a. Drop Test b. c. d.


Density at 27 C (IS 3395/97) MFI Ash Content

934-950 Kg/Cub M 8-25 1% (Max)

Any other tests as per R/C REMARKS: Samples for UV & Colour test Are send vide test Notes:



* Use extra sheets if required * Number of specimen to be tested for each sample and test methods adopted for different tests and criterion of conformity shall be as specified in the governing spec/R/C. * Results on all specimens to be reported on separate sheets and only the final value as applicable shall be reported in the table above. * Values and tolerances of different parameters shall be in accordance with the contract and shall be noted in the first column. *All tests as per R.C spec shall be conducted. . *Where applicable raw material manufacturer test certificate as per relevant specification shall be obtained from the supplier. Conclusion: Quantity accepted

Quantity rejected

Packing details to be incorporated in I Note How I Mark put

Facsimile of I mark Name, Designation and seal of supplier

Date Place

Name, designation, seal of Inspector