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Configuration Services If you want to deliver a total configured solution without investing in infrastructure, then cons...

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Configuration Services If you want to deliver a total configured solution without investing in infrastructure, then consider adding Ingram Micro’s configuration services to your value portfolio.

TECHNOLOGY Our world-class facility is ISO 9002 certified, and boasts 15,000 square feet of state-of-the-art configuration equipment, including a 10,000 square foot staging area.

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Reduce and control costs Gain access to world class capabilities Improve company focus Free resources for other purpose Resources not available internally Accelerate reengineering benefits Function difficult to manage Share risks Make capital funds available Cash infusion

Finding the expertise you need, at an affordable cost can be a very expense investment for most. Why not leverage Ingram Micro’s facility, training and expertise to handle your technology configuration requirements. Whether you perform your own service or subcontract, try Ingram Micro Configuration Services and watch your value increase and your expenses decrease.


PERSICION Our team of certified professionals adheres to the highest quality assurance and control standards and can process multiple configurations per shift. Our team uses a process assurance system called IM-Fast, which ensures every configuration procedure is followed with precision and care. IM-Fast is also supported by our quality assurance reporting system called Vitamin C, which gives you, our customer, the added security and confidence you require to deliver true value. This also reduces risk and liability concerns associated with performing this level of service yourself. Our technicians hold A+, MCSE, Novell and Microsoft, CCNA & CCNP certifications.

SAVINGS Why Outsource Your Configuration Center ? Cost is the number one reason why companies decided to outsource. However, there are other reasons for shedding noncore processes, like expertise! Here are the top 10 reasons companies said they decided to outsource, according to Outsourcing

Many of our customers today are enjoying cost savings by utilizing our Configuration Services, while also realizing the benefits of shortening the time their products are delivered to their customers. Speed-tomarket is a key value and a necessary ingredient to compete in today’s market and Ingram Micro is pleased to offer this to our customers at a rock bottom price. At Ingram Micro not only do we offer world-class products, but also superior support and service that will help you develop a total solution for your customers. So start counting the savings and let our configuration center become your configuration center!

Configuration Services

Whether you are planning a large complex rollout or simple configuration – let us help you deliver the full value you deserve right from your pc to your customer’s door! Save Time – Save Money! Using Ingram Configuration

Typical Configuration Reseller Orders Products from Ingram

Reseller Orders Products from Ingram

Products Ship to Reseller Facility

Reseller performs Product Diagnostics and Configuration

Reseller Documents, Reports, Affixes labels, asset tags or other special services..

Reseller coordinates shipping arrangements with Courier and ships product to End User

• •

Ingram Performs All Diagnostics and Configuration

Order is Quality inspected per EndUser Requirements

$ $

And other services

End User receives product with appropriate labelling and personalized packing slip

• • • • • •

SERVICE Full range of technology configuration covering name brand manufacturers such as IBM, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Apple Mac Small to Complex support covering Desktop, Towers, Mini-Towers, Laptops, Servers, printers, monitors Networking services – supporting various lines such as Cisco, Nortel and 3Com Complete Software integration and imaging Asset Tagging Bundling and kitting services Personalized Delivery – customized logo’s, messaging 3rd party product integration Customizable reporting

$ $

End User receives product with appropriate labelling and personalized packing slip

• • • • •

VALUE Quality Reporting Customizable imaging ISO 9002 Certified High Level Certifications Just-in-time delivery

• • • •

ROI Reduced overhead expenses infrastructure Increased speed to market Reduced liability Happier customers

Let us become your Configuration Center !

For more information on our Configuration Services, Please contact one of our Service Professionals at 1800-6683450 ext 52021 or email us at [email protected]