HR Organization Chart 5

Office of Human Resources Organizational Chart Sherrie Senkfor Director of      Human Resources William Misiak Vacant ...

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Office of Human Resources Organizational Chart Sherrie Senkfor Director of      Human Resources

William Misiak


Manager of Employee Relations Employee Relations Progressive Discipline     Employee Excellence Program   Non‐Rep Grievances Training Faculty & Administrative Staff  Background Investigations

Associate Director Labor Relations   Labor Relations   Contract Negotiations Union Grievances

Deb Talbot HR Manager Associate Job Classification  FLSA Compliance  PMC Process  Civil Service Rules Layoffs  Reorganization  Seniority Calculations

Jeanette Parmenter HR Officer AP Contracts   Extra Help Compliance   I9's Independent Contractors

Stephanie Stookey HR Associate Civil Service Job Audits Civil Service Seasonal Layoffs   AP Contracts   AP Pre‐employment Process   Seniority Calculations

Tyler Lynn HR Representative Background Investigations Civil Service     Paperwork Processing   Extra Help

Kirsten Huene HR Assistant  Employment Verification   Drug Testing   Paperwork Processing  


Jennifer Schaefer

Associate Director, HR Payroll & Tax Administration   Benefits & Leaves   Banner HR System

Office Support Specialist Ethics Training     General Office Info. Employment Verifications

Tamika Johnson HR Manager Civil Service Hiring &    Testing HireTouch   Applicant Tracking Intern Program

Denise Hunt Payroll Compliance  Manager & NRA Taxes NRA Tax Administration   Payroll Adjustments  

LaVontas Hairston Payroll Manager Payroll Administration   Salary Increase   Unemployment Compliance Deductions & Payroll

Summer Murphy

Tony Martin

Benefits Manager   Benefits Administration   SURS Retirements CMS Compliance Vacation, Sick, FMLA Leaves Worker’s Compensation

HR System Manager Banner HR System Admin Payroll Analysis &    Compensation   Special Projects Research Imaging Admin

Barbara Schipkowski HR Representative   Civil Service   Testing/Grading

Kim Hicks

Michelle Pugh HR Officer     *SM Payroll L‐Z Position Control

Rasheda King

Tayanna Crowder

HR Officer Faculty Payroll L‐Z   Payroll Calendar   Salary Deferral

Benefits Officer Benefits Faculty Payroll   Worker’s Compensation   Service Awards

HR Assistant   Civil Service   Testing/Grading

Robyn Courtway Doug James IT Technical Associate     HireTouch Applicant Tracking System

Jennifer Oates‐Blair  Talent Acquisition Specialist Recruitment   Employee of the Month   Employment New Employee Orientation

Kayla Orban

Bonnie Brueggemann

HR Officer   Faculty Payroll A‐K   NRA Intake Tax Deposits

HR Representative *SM Payroll A‐K     Payroll Adjustments

Benefits Officer Benefits *BW Payroll   Disability Processing   FMLA Leave Admin

Raquel Wieser 

Judy Harwell

  HR Assistant   Student Payroll Dept Time Entry

HR Representative *BW Payroll   Dept Time Entry   Maintenance Training

Donte Howard IT Technical Associate   HR Reporting Analyst   HR Webmaster

Marjorie Glassmaker HR Image Proc Tech III   Image Processing    Records Research

Jamie Mackenzie Benefits Representative Benefits *SM Payroll   Vacation/Sick Leave Admin   Insurance Admin Tuition Waivers

Callie Logan Telephone Operator I    Gen. Office Info Receptionist  

*BW=Bi‐Weekly *SM=Semi‐Monthly