Happy Birthday Julie

Happy Birthday, Julie Birthdays are very special times. This story is about how a girl thought she was going to be disap...

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Happy Birthday, Julie Birthdays are very special times. This story is about how a girl thought she was going to be disappointed one birthday. Julie pressed her nose on the window as she looked outside. Down below the flat where she lived with her Mum and Dad, the buses and cars moved along like pretty coloured toys. Julie sighed and her breath clouded up the window. “I wish I could,” she said to herself. “What dear?” asked Mum, who was sitting on the sofa, knitting. “Oh, nothing, Mum,” answered Julie. She knew that although it was her birthday next week it was no good asking for what she really wanted. She liked this bright new flat, but, she had heard Dad reading a letter out to Mum when they first moved in. “It says here,” Dad had said, “no animals allowed.” Julie had had to go into her bedroom when she heard this. She didn’t want her Mum and Dad to see how sad that news made her feel. More than anything she had wanted a pet for her birthday. “Look, Julie, There’s Dad!” Mum had put away her knitting and was standing at the window too. As she pointed down, Julie saw Dad walking along the street towards the block of flats. “He’s carrying something,” said Julie. “Hmmmmm,” answered Mum. “Hmmmmm.” Soon Dad was home. He put the big brown parcel in the hall. Then they all had tea. “Can I watch television?” asked Julie when they had finished tea. To her surprise Mum said, “Not tonight, Julie. Dad’s going to be busy. Why don’t you go and draw instead?” As Julie got all her drawing pens, pencils and paper out Dad unwrapped the parcel. There were some big pieces of glass inside it. Then Dad plugged in the drill and began to make some holes in the wall. For a long time he worked hard. He measured and drilled and cut the glass with a special knife. “What are you making, Dad?” asked Julie. Dad didn’t answer but when he looked at Julie he gave her a big wink. Soon it was Julie’s birthday. She woke up very early and switched on the light. Mum had put all her cards and presents beside her bed. She opened the cards first. There was one from Gran and Granddad, one from Uncle Bob and Auntie Mary and lots more. Then she began to open her presents. When she had opened all her cards and presents Julie sat looking at the pile of books and games and toys, and suddenly she thought of something! There was no present from Mum and Dad. She felt very sad, but then she thought how busy Dad had been. Perhaps he had forgotten and would be getting something today. She still felt sad though. “Breakfast Julie!” Mum’s voice came from the other room. Putting on her dressing gown Julie got up and went into the living room. As soon as she got through the

door she stopped. Her eyes opened wide with surprise and delight. There, fixed to the wall, was a fish tank, and in it were the most beautiful fish you have ever seen. Standing beside the tank was a birthday card and even from where she was she could read the writing on it. It said, “Happy Birthday from Mum and Dad”. Prayer Let us pray that we might be as thoughtful as Julie’s Dad when it is the birthday of someone we know. Let us give thanks for the love and warmth of a family and friends and pray for all those people who are lonely. Amen

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