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Haifa International Conference for a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East - December 5th-6th, 2013 Registration Form Nof Hotel, Hanassi Avenue 101, Haifa, Israel- December 5th- December 6th, 2013. Registration Form: please fill out the attached form and e-mail to [email protected] and put "ATTN Registration" in the subject line.

First name ______________________ Last name ____________________ Address ______________________________________________________ City/ Town ______________________ State/ Providence _____________ Postal Code______________________ Country _____________________ Organization you belong to or represent __________________________ E-mail address ________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________________________ Arrival Time


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** Note: If you have not booked a flight yet ,please let us know your arrival and departure time via email as soon as possible

Cost (Please put 'X' in one box) [ ] A person in a double standard room (twins/double bed) and registration fee 250 $ (USD) [ ] A person in a single standard room and registration fee 365 $ (USD) [ ] A person in a double superior room and registration fee 300 $ (USD) [ ] A person in a double superior room (twins/double bed) and registration fee 450 $ (USD) [ ] Registration fee only (Without Accommodation arrangement) 70 $ (USD) Additional Contribution ________________________________________________

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General Information The conference will be held between the 5th -6th of December at Nof Hotel , Hanassi Avenue 101, Haifa. On December 7th, Saturday, we will leave Haifa towards Ramallah by rented bus, where we will participate in an international symposium organized by World Peace Council Middle East the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy. On the evening of December 7th we will be heading back towards Ben Gurion airport for departure.

Visa Citizens of most European and American countries do not need visa in order to enter Israel. All delegates should be equipped with a passport valid for 6 months from entry date. Whether you need a visa or not can be easily checked on following website: http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Pages/default.aspx In any case visa is required, please address us and we do what we can to expedite the process.

Arrival We recommend on arriving on Wednesday evening, December 4th. Booking a flight to Ben Gurion airport is in the responsibility of the delegate. We intend to send a bus with guide that will wait at the airport that day and leave towards Haifa around 09:00 pm (final hour will be sent to you when we know the arrival time of all the delegates). In case you arrive on any other date or not interested to wait in the airport for the joint bus , you can get on one of trains leaving towards Haifa every half an hour and in 75 minutes reach Hof Hacarmel station where you can picked up by us. (Israel Railways – ticket cost around 11 $ - All signs and public announcement are in English and Hebrew). Another possibility is to take certain taxi service from the airport called sherut that will take to the address in Haifa for about 30 $. For further instruction and information on this subject please contact us via Email.

Departure On Saturday December 7th, we will return from Ramallah by rented bus to Ben Gurion airport. We will arrive as late as 07:00 pm. If you have booked a flight to earlier time, please let us know so the adequate arrangements could be made.

Accommodation and Meals We recommend staying at Nof Hotel, the same hotel where the conference will be held. If you are interested, you should fill the correct box in the form and after we receive the payment the reservation will be made. Notice that reservations in Nof Hotel will be made only by us. The

hotel has two types of rooms: Standard Rooms - These rooms are located on floors 1,2,3,5. Superior Rooms- Equipped with LCD and have free Wi-Fi. Located on floors 4,6,7. For more information about the facilities in the hotel please check their official website: http://www.nofhotel.co.il/english/ In each type of room, standard or superior, you can choose between a single or double room (double bed or twin beds). If you choose double room and do not have a specific preference for a roommate, you will be matched by us to another delegate.

Breakfasts will be provided by the hotel only to those who decide to make the reservations. Otherwise you will have to take care for a breakfast on your own, all other meals will be provided to all delegates by us.

Conference Registration Fee & Contribution: The conference registration fee will be 70$. Any Additional contribution will be deeply appreciated.

Payment Payments can be made either by credit card or through bank transfer. In order to pay with a credit card you will need a paypal account, this can be donate by going to our website at: or by sending a direct payment to the following email-address: [email protected] Bank transfer to the following account TO EMIL TOUMA INSTITUTE FOR PALESTINIAN & ISRAELI STUDIES (R.A) BANK – MERCANTILE BRANCH – WADI NISNAS BIC CODE- BARDILIT CLEARING – IL017694 ACCOUNT – 6054457ILS IBAN – IL 440176940000006054457

For any further information please contact [email protected]