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November 2015 Calendar of Events Main Campus Region November 6th (Friday): “Mitchell Farms Tour & Antique Cabins Tour/Fr...

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November 2015 Calendar of Events Main Campus Region November 6th (Friday): “Mitchell Farms Tour & Antique Cabins Tour/Front Porch Barbeque & Seafood Restaurant” $60.00 per person (Includes Motorcoach transportation, tour and lunch) Departure: 8:30 a.m. (Center for Primary Care & Wellness) Return: 6:30 p.m. (Center for Primary Care & Wellness) November 9th (Monday): Monthly Members’ Meeting 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Brent House – Caldwell & LeJeune Rooms Light refreshments provided! November 11th (Wednesday) “Old New Orleans Rum Distillery & Tasting Tour/Sassafras Restaurant” $45.00 per person (Tour, lunch and transportation) Departure: 11:00 a.m. – GO Office (Center for Primary Care & Wellness Building) November 13th (Friday): “GO” Potluck (Don’t forget – Bring a dish!) 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. - Brent House – LeJeune Room November 14th (Saturday) “44th Annual Destrehan Plantation Fall Festival” $5.00 per person (Bus fee) and $7.00 to be paid at the entrance to the festival “Lunch on Your Own” Departure: 9:00 a.m. – (Center for Primary Care & Wellness Building) Return: 2:00 p.m. (Center for Primary Care & Wellness Building) November 19th (Thursday): Lunch Bunch “Gumbo Shop” – 630 St. Peter St. “On Your Own” - $5.00 Ochsner Bus Fee Departure: 10:30 a.m. – (Center for Primary Care & Wellness Building) November 26th (Thursday) & November 27th (Friday): Office Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Office re-opens on Monday November 30, 2015

Registration for November Events October 16 (Friday): If unable to attend, mail in your Event Registration Form and a separate check for each event payable to “Golden Opportunity” 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – GO Office – (Center for Primary Care & Wellness) st

All GO events are subject to change. Ochsner Golden Opportunity has the right to adjust events without formal notice. All events are non-refundable unless there is someone on the waiting list to take you place (includes the $5.00 Ochsner bus fee). Golden Opportunity has to guarantee payment to vendors for most events.


UPCOMING EVENTS – Payments are currently being accepted December 8, 2015 “Main Campus Christmas Luncheon”–Ormond Plantation $55.00 per person (includes Motorcoach transportation and buffet lunch) Pick up @ Center for Primary Care & Kenner Main Campus (This event only, not for future Main Campus events) December 13-18, 2015 “Christmas at Biltmore Estate” (6 days/5 nights Motorcoach Trip) (Waiting List) $998.00 per person (Double Occupancy) $1289.00 per person (Single Occupancy) Deposit $100.00 Mandatory Travel Insurance (Not included in prices) April 15-25, 2016 - “Panama Canal Cruise” (package available on request). UPCOMING PLAYS Saenger Theatre (prices include $5.00 Ochsner bus fee) Newsies ($84.00 p.p.) – Wednesday, December 2, 2015 (Sold Out - Waiting List) Motown ($89.00 p.p.) – Wednesday, January 20, 2016 (Sold Out – Waiting List) Motown ($89.00 p.p.) – Friday, January 22, 2016 (Sold Out – Waiting List) Rivertown Theatre (prices include $5.00 Ochsner bus fee) How to Succeed in Business ($43.00 p.p.) – Friday, May 6, 2016 (11 tickets available) IF YOU KNIT WE NEED YOUR HELP: Knitted Knockers are special handmade breast Prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies, unable to have reconstructive surgery or other procedures to the breast. Traditional breast prosthetics are usually expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable. They typically require special bras or camisoles with pockets and can’t be worn for weeks after surgery. Knitted Knockers on the other hand are soft, comfortable, beautiful, and when placed in a regular bra they take the shape and feel of a real breast. Our special volunteer knitters will provide these free to those requesting them. Knitted Knockers can be adjusted to fill the gap for breasts that are uneven and easily adapted for those going through reconstruction by simply removing some of the stuffing. The purpose is to offer them to any woman who wants them, free of charge, there is a huge demand. It would be great if our members, friends, family could support this project. If you don’t knit, this would be a great time to learn, we have members willing to teach those wanting to learn or you may know someone who would be willing to teach you. Since our last announcement, through the efforts of the Nurse Navigators at the Tansey Breast Center, the Knitted Knockers.org website now has a Louisiana group “NOLA Knitted Knockers. If you need a pattern, I can mail or email it to you. If you know of someone who needs a Knitted Knocker, have them call our office and we will put them in touch with the Nurse Navigators. This would be a perfect opportunity to “pay it forward”. Please contact our office if interested in knitting, learning to knit, or would like to request a Knitted Knocker. Thanks in advance. BRENT HOUSE RESERVATIONS: When requesting reservations (504-835-5411), remember to ask for your Golden Opportunity (20%) discount. VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://www.ochsner.org/health-resources/golden-opportunity-a-50-lifestyle-program VIP (GO) Dedicated Phone Line A dedicated telephone line has been set up with the Ochsner Scheduling Department for Golden Opportunity Members to schedule your medical appointments only, please don’t call with questions regarding GO events. The telephone number is: 504-842-6538 Chermaine Hebert Program Coordinator Golden Opportunity – Main Campus Center for Primary Care & Wellness Building 1401 Jefferson Hwy., New Orleans, LA 70121 504-842-7000 [email protected] Office Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Lunch 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.) Please call before visiting the office, staff may not be out of the office attending a meeting or an event, thanks.