FSF MONDAY Semis and Finals Draw 1

Semis and Finals Draw Please find below the draw for the semi finals and Finals for the MONDAY Night games. • We will ru...

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Semis and Finals Draw Please find below the draw for the semi finals and Finals for the MONDAY Night games. • We will run the games in a 1vs4 and 2vs3 format, with winners playing in the final and losers play off for 3rd and 4th place of each grouping. • Where there are 3 teams in the bottom three, they will play a round robin play off of two games of shorter halves each week (approx half of the normal game time) to decide the final placings. • Where there are just 2 teams in the bottom two, they will play one another both weeks and an aggregate score of the two will be taken to determine the placings • If you have any queries please email Billy Keir on [email protected]

U6 Mixed Games 2018 Championship

The Gremlins vs. Cool Kids Sharks vs Dolphins


The Mogwai vs Wakehurst Allstars Wakehurst Ninjas vs KH Pirates

Presidents Challenge

Mighty Sharks vs Jabiru Allstars Thunder vs Sea Lions

Referees Challenge (round robin)

Cobras vs Asteroids Superheroes vs Cobras Asteroids vs Superheroes

U7 Mixed Games 2018 Championship

Killarney Lions vs Cougars Legends vs King Kong

2018 Plate

Cubs vs Orcas Killarney Hawks v Forest Eagles

Presidents Challenge

Penguins vs Eagles U7 Summer Raptors vs Soccer Knights

Referees Challenge (play twice and take aggregate)

Sneakers vs Lynx

U8 Boys Games 2018 Championship

Monster Mongrels vs Sharks U8 Raptors vs Stealth Strikers

2018 Plate

Sydney Strikers vs The Titans Strikers vs Nerf Guns

Presidents Challenge

The Jets vs Epic Force Cheetahs vs Wildcats

Referees Challenge

Ninja Warriors vs Shield Strikers Diamonds vs Ninja Warriors Shield Strikers vs Diamonds

U9 Boys Games 2018 Championship

Hawks vs Kids United Summer Stormers vs Forest United

2018 Plate

Super K vs Storm Troopers Belrose Jets vs Roseville Spurs

Presidents Challenge

Storm vs Clash of the Clans Ninja vs Summer Knights

U8/9 Girls Games 2018 Championship

Team Ninja vs Miss Martins Warriors vs Rubies

U10/11 Girls Games 2018 Championship

BTH vs Girl Chester Firecrackers vs Pink Panthers

2018 Plate

Super Strikers vs Starz Fireflies vs Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Presidents Challenge (play twice and take aggregate)

Terrifying Tigers vs The Terminators

U12/13 Girls Games 2018 Championship

The Diamonds vs Forest Firecrackers Firecrackers vs Lightning Strikers

2018 Plate

The Space Potatoes vs Pugaliers Wildcats vs Shining Lights

Presidents Challenge (round robin)

Mini Matildas vs Comets Mini Matildas vs Fab Friends Comets vs Fab Friends

U14/15 Boys Games 2018 Championship

MWFC vs Balloteletubies Anonymous vs Hot Shots

2018 Plate

Rebel United vs Lil Dinosaurs Dingle Berries vs Manchester United

Presidents Challenge (play twice and take aggregate)

Tigers vs I Don’t Know

U14/15 Girls Games 2018 Championship

She Got Game vs Forest Tigers The Boomers vs Wildcatz

2018 Plate (round robin)

The Leftovers vs Panthers The Leftovers vs Alpacas Panthers vs Alpacas

U16-18 Girls Games 2018 Championship

Forest Fighters vs Rack Attack Blue Angels vs Lil Flamingos

U16-18 Boys Games 2018 Championship

Italy 06 vs Ballistic Blobs The Hannos vs PBFC

2018 Plate

Maitland FC vs Warriors Jett Hug Shervin vs Thunderbolts

O35W Games 2018 Championship

About to get Messi vs Mumosas Angry Birds vs Kambora Cougars

2018 Plate

Mumschester vs Curly chicks Power Girls vs Diamonds

Presidents Challenge (play twice and take aggregate)

Miskicks vs Victorious Secrets 2