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Datatech Accounting Software Computer & Network System Requirements This document covers the system requirements for Dat...

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Datatech Accounting Software Computer & Network System Requirements This document covers the system requirements for Datatech Accounting software packages. It is technical in nature and is designed to be reviewed by someone with knowledge of IT infrastructure. If you do not have internal or outsource IT personnel to review this document, Datatech can provide IT consultation for an additional charge. Workstation/Single Computer Operating System & Hardware Requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 - 10, Professional or Enterprise Processor: Any 32 bit or x64 architecture processor, Intel Core i3 or higher recommended RAM & Hard Drive: Datatech programs use minimal RAM & hard drive space for workstations. 4GB or more RAM and 5GB or more available drive space for single user. Server OS/Hardware Requirements: Operating System: Currently supported MS Server version, 2012 R2 or later recommended Processor: Intel Xeon recommended, Xeon E3 up to 25 users, Xeon E5 25+ users RAM: Dependent on server load, usually 8 - 32 GB Hard Drive: Recommended RAID1 or Enterprise Class Solid State Drive(s). 10GB or more free space for Datatech software. Separate drive or drive array for Datatech software & SQL database recommended for 25+ users. Multi-User Requirements: MS SQL: Datatech software requires Microsoft SQL Server installed on a network server. Datatech will install and configure MS SQL Server Express (free version). MS SQL Server Standard (licensed product available at additional cost) may be required depending on various factors. Database Location: The SQL database can be installed in a single server environment for installations of approximately 25 users or less. For installations of 25+ users, a separate database server is recommended. Network Configuration: Datatech requires properly configured Microsoft Active Directory Domain. This includes Windows AD server handling network DNS, workstations joined to the domain with properly configured DNS and users logged into workstations using domain accounts. Network Topology: The server hosting the database and all local workstations running Datatech software must be connected on wired Ethernet connections of at least 100mbps. 1gbps connections highly recommended. Wifi: Datatech software should not be run on workstations connected via wifi. If a system connected on wifi must use Datatech software, it should remote connect into a workstation or server that is on wired Ethernet via Remote Desktop or similar. 10/18/2017

Other Notes: Battery Backup: In order to prevent corruption of data, all servers must have a battery backup with automated shutdown. It is also recommended that all network switches and workstations also be protected with battery backups. Data Backup: We recommend both a local and cloud backup of all critical data. It is recommended a backup solution designed to back up SQL databases is used. Virtual Servers: If possible, physical servers are recommended to host Datatech program. Datatech does not provide support or diagnostics of performance issues when installed on virtual servers. Noticeable performance degradation has been noticed on virtual servers, especially VMWare hosted. Internet & Remote Access: High speed Internet is required to remote connect for install and setup of Datatech software. We will provide a remote connect program so that our installation and support personnel can install and support the program. An administrator level account is required for us to install and update Datatech software. Apple PC’s/Tablets: Datatech software does not run on an Apple products. Tablets on any operating system are not supported. It may be possible to connect mobile devices to a terminal server that runs the Datatech software. Software Firewalls & Anti-Virus: Windows & 3rd party software firewalls may need to be configured to allow communication with the SQL server. This is the responsibility of the customer to have configured. Business type anti-virus software is recommended. Antivirus software must also be configured to exclude any Datatech programs and shares from real-time scanning. Printers: Reports/Checks: A laser printer is required for all report and check printing. Business class multifunction printers and copiers are also acceptable. Pallet Tags: Datamax thermal printers connected via Ethernet are recommended. Contact Datatech for all other options. Not recommended: We do not recommend and cannot support printing issues for any consumer level ink-jet printers or multifunction devices. Continuous Feed/Dot Matrix: We no longer support any continuous feed/dot matrix forms or printers.


Multi-Location: Datatech programs do not run over the Internet or via VPN. All remote devices must connect to a desktop or server computer on the local network of the server hosting the Datatech software. There are several methods of accomplishing this, Datatech recommends Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Datatech software will not run directly on remote computers. Pallet Tag & Case Labels: If you will be using a pallet tag or case label printer in The Shipper’s Office, it will be necessary to have a site to site VPN or other private network routing as well as a network connected label printer. This requirement is so that the pallet tag printer can be setup as an IP printer on the terminal server hosting remote connections. VPN: Although only required for applications using label printers, utilizing a site to site VPN is recommended in all multi-locations setups. This increases security of the terminal sessions and also allows for setup of network printers directly on the terminal server which alleviates print redirection issues. Printers: It is recommended that all printers be network attached and setup as IP printers on the terminal server rather than relying on print redirection on a terminal server. This may necessitate the use of a site to site VPN or other private network connection. Using redirected printers in a terminal session may cause some errors and prompt users to select their printer each time a new session is started. Limitations: In a terminal environment, certain aspects of Datatech software may not operate without additional software installed on the terminal server. In order to email certain reports, a configured 32bit MAPI compatible email client must be installed on the terminal server. Also certain reports are exportable to CSV/Excel format. Excel must be installed on the terminal server in order to use this export feature.


Network Survey for Datatech Software Contact Info: Business Name: ________________________

Business Contact Name: _______________________

Business Contact Phone: ______________________ Business Contact Email: _______________________ Technical Contact Name: ____________________ Technical Contact #: __________________________ Technical Contact Email: ______________________

Server Info: Operating System ______________________________ Server Name _____________________ Hard Drive Size _______________

RAM _____________ Processor ____________

Separate Data Partition to be used? □ Yes □ No Virtual Server? □ Yes □ No If yes, VMWare or Hyper-V ___________________

Network Info: Network Connection Type □ Wired □ Wireless

Connection Speed: _________________

All systems connect at above speed? □ Yes □ No If No, Explain__________________________________ Domain Name _____________________

Are all workstations a domain member? Are all users logged in as a domain user?

□ Yes □ No □ Yes □ No

Internet Service Provider _____________________ Speed: Upload _________ Download ___________ Antivirus Software

□ Yes □ No If yes, brand(s) __________________________________

Software Firewall? □ Yes □ No If Yes, what type of firewall, i.e. Windows/Norton _________________ AD DNS Server IP Set as DNS for Workstations? □ Yes □ No Multi-Site Installation? □ Yes □ No If yes, is terminal server in place? Remote Desktop/Citrix?: _________________________ VPN? □ Yes □ No Are remote printers connected via network? □ Yes □ No Are remote printers installed on the terminal server as IP Printers? □ Yes □ No


Workstation Info:

1) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 2) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 3) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 4) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 5) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 6) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 7) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 8) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 9) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 10) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 11) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 12) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 13) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 14) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 15) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 16) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 17) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 18) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 19) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________ 20) Operating System ______________ WS Name ______________ User Name ________________

(Copy and add additional workstation information if more stations)