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How do I look at my contacts in CRM You can view your contacts by going into CRM and clicking: • • My Active Contacts –...

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How do I look at my contacts in CRM You can view your contacts by going into CRM and clicking: • •

My Active Contacts – Contacts You Own in CRM – Close relationship My Connections – Contacts You Are Connected to in CRM

Since we don’t want any duplicate records in CRM we only keep one copy of a contact The connection feature shows which WM individuals are affiliated with that contact Owner means person responsible for keeping contact information accurate & up-to-date.


What is an Opportunity ?

Why should it be entered ?

When should it entered ?

Opportunities are the heart of the CRM system because they measure our effectiveness and ROI of business development activities. When correctly identified, documented and qualified, opportunities: • Allow us to manage and increase: client acquisition and cross selling • Allow the EC to forecast and manage growth • Allow the individual partner to at-a-glance manage one’s pipeline What is an Opportunity:

“An opportunity exists if a prospect has a need for your product, service or solution.” – note no time limit specified When should it be entered:

When you have had a substantive interaction with a business contact who has confirmed there is a need for your service Why should it be entered:

To track the due date, enhance firm-wide transparency, build a winning strategy, predict revenue forecast. How long does it take?

It only takes a minute to enter the details of your opportunity into CRM – a great exercise for managers & Sr. managers

Please Play Your Part & Take Initiative to Enter Your Opportunities into our CRM Database Contact Your CRM Team For Training & Assistance: Stephanie Koutsares # 6885 2

What is an Opportunity ? | What to Enter In CRM When Recording New Business Opportunity Name of company or subsidiary Name of service to be provided Company or PARENT company Account Notes on the service, parent company, referral, opportunity Estimated Revenue we can expect to bill for the Service Estimated Date the Service will start if opportunity is won Estimated Date we find out if opportunity is won/closed Estimated Probability of Winning the opportunity to provide service

Contact Your CRM Team For Training & Assistance: Stephanie Koutsares # 6885 3

Stage of the opportunity, whether qualified | proposal | won | lost.

New Client Wins in October 2015 Owner


Service Revenue Tax Return Prep and Small Business  $3,750 Services

Fred Kaplan

Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

Fred Kaplan

The Blue Duck Sandwich Co.

Ira Gottlieb

Mitchell A. Kline M.D.

Marc Grossman

Bon Secours Health Systems, Inc.

Michael Schulstad 

Morris Heights Health Center/MHHC

Forensic Audit


Russ Foster

Behavioral Health Resources

Behavioral Health Resources


Russ Foster

Redwood Community Care Organization

Accounting and Tax Services Managed Care Contracting &  Credential line Fair market value/IT outsourcing  arrangement

Redwood Community Care  Organization NEW CLIENT TOTAL:

$2,500 ‐ $45,000

$10,000 $171,250

Cross‐Sell Wins in October 2015 Owner Kenneth Pogrob

Company New York Commercial Bank

Service RN Enterprises

Revenue $4,000

Arthur Adams

The Related Companies, Inc.

Capri Hotel/RRERF FL Condo LC


Arthur Adams

Two Trees Management

Domino Site E Project Annual Audit $16,000

Bill Mellon

ACE Group



Bill Mellon

S3 Partners LLC

SOC2 Report


Carlos Martins Demetri Yatrakis

Sonneclaire Property Management and  Financial Consulting Services Advisory LLC Sonneclaire Property Management and  Fund Structuring Advisory LLC

$7,000 $20,000

Demetri Yatrakis

Sonneclaire Property Management and  Tax Consulting Advisory LLC


Donald Zief

Lexington Realty Trust

Transfer Pricing Assignment




Existing Client: Same Service Line Wins in October 2015 Owner Barbara Israel Brian Clouse Donald Bender

Company Cypress Insurance Company AXA Real Estate Investment Managers

Service Due Diligence 2014 GAAP Audits Pasedena Hotel Audit

Revenue $35,000 $165,000 $45,000

Joseph Strickland

Starwood Capital Group

Cost Seg‐Starwood Bull_Vandy Portfolio


Kenneth Pogrob Kenneth Pogrob Kenneth Pogrob Kenneth Pogrob Kenneth Pogrob Marc Grossman Marc Grossman Scott Parker Steven Kops Steven Kops

First Merit Business Credit First Merit Business Credit Investors Bank JP Morgan JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Lakeland Regional Medical Center Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Arch Insurance Group M3 USA  Veronis Suhler Stevenson

Formed Fiber Origin Point Brands Dell’s Marachino Cherries NTE General Cable Contract Negotiations Amerigroup Risk Management Arch – MGA Audit Project Medicus Project Critical Mention

$15,000 $12,000 $5,000 $17,000 $175,000 $25,000 $108,000 $25,000 $45,000 $50,000

Existing Client: Same Service Line Total: