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5-P Syndrome (Cri-du-chat) The mysterious case of the meowing baby Signs and Symptoms • • • • -infant sounds like a c...

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5-P Syndrome (Cri-du-chat) The mysterious case of the meowing baby

Signs and Symptoms • • • •

-infant sounds like a crying kitten -feeding problems due to difficulty swallowing and sucking - low birth weight, poor growth - severe cognitive, speech and motor delays, • - Behavioral problems: hyperactivity, aggression, tantrums, and repetitive movements • - Unusual facial features (may change over time) • - Excessive dribbling • - Constipation

• Other characteristics may include feeding difficulties, delays in walking, hyperactivity, scoliosis, and significant retardation. A small number of children are born with serious organ defects

Signs and Symptoms cont… • Other difficutlties include difficulty with language, verbal skills, and ability to communicate.


Socialtism and Daily Life Skills •

Community skills underdeveloped – Impulsive • Unable to control themselves – Crossing traffic – Unable to know what’s unsafe or not – Common tantrums • Don’t respond • Avoid public situations – Supermarket

• Don’t “talk them down” – Parents usually become more irritated – Makes situation worse

• Be concise and clear

Difficulty speaking and Learning complex words • Slow at developing language ability • Speech delay – – – –

Parent should be optimistic and encouraging Possibility of speech therapist Sign language/word cards effective Makaton • Simple language with sign language – Effective » Incorporates sign and words

Hearing •

High chance of hyperacusis (70-80%) – hypersensitivity to noise – not sure if gets better with age or continues • Depending on child

– Treatment • Comfort child by informing about source of sound • Make child used to and familiar to loud noises – Reduce impact of sensitivity » Turn on vacuum » Shut car door » Pop balloons

Schooling • • •

Each child needs different Rare for child to be in mainstream schools Allow communication skills – Included in daily school life • Reduces level of aggression • School recommended to have speech therapists and psychologists • Should be with children own age – Often look younger – Performing age appropiate tasks

Parent Traits: Recessive vs. Dominant • Characteristic Traits:

• - Curly Hair (D) & Straight Hair (R) • - Widow’s Peak (D) & Non-widows Peak (R)

Punnet Square: for Mating between Johnny Depp & Andrea Ciardiello

Key: V - Curly (D) v - Curly (R) W - W/peak W - W/o peak

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Fredrickahashaquita Depp This is our result of the Cri du Chat baby.