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HOW TO place an Order / USE - our ShopCART : NORMAL Ordering Call to discuss products application advice etc send e-mail...

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HOW TO place an Order / USE - our ShopCART : NORMAL Ordering Call to discuss products application advice etc send e-mail with part nos QtydDesription . . . AFTER browsing our website / FlipPAGE catalogs Initially we sens a QUOTE QU-xxxxx After your confirmation of ALL necessary details Street Address for Courier/Contact Phone Number We send an Order Confirmation SO-aaaaa followed by a PayPAL Invoice for CC Payment Bank Transfer is also OK Terms strictly limited to select Account holders On Shipment we send copies of our Tax Invoices and Tracking details on request

MAL’s Cat A

Mobile proto CART

: simplified for use with mobile phones ,Apple PCS, I-PADS, Androids etc . . . but NOT Mickey Mouse “toys” ! but limited features as without Adobe FLASH some prices are yet to be updated re Exchange Rate variation (from XR=0.95. Current USD/AUD = 0.79 (May15) ORDER from this Cart and you get the benefit OR we send U an update PayPAL Invoice to cover the difference which you must ALSO pay BEFORE Shipment


B FlipSHOPPE Cart (Mar 2015 >) Accessed from ANY FlipPAGE Catalog via - add suffix …/index.php to FlipPAGE URL Search for required product items browse Flip [Table of Content] box on LHSc of page 1 U can expand the screen and copty & paste using the [T] opton on FlipPAGE “menu bar” on bottom of FlipPAGE Write Down reference Cat#s U R interest in 2 Copy & Paste each Cat# into [Cat# SEARCH] added box near top of FlipPAGE but better to type Cat# in slowly > options “on the fly” as U type database acces to 30,000 items is a bit slow . . .but still state-of-the-Art add as many items to the Cart by clicking each Cat# entered one by one >opens Mal’s Cart Entry Form . . . NOTE Our Shop Terms is included as a “Page HEADER”” READ IT !” . . . No excuse for “ YOUR errors”

Step by Step > PDFs (both carts interface to same Cart structure BUT price is only part in-sync with our DB)

Our Typical PayPAL Invoice adjusments / comments

You Pay in advance

Typical XR(AUD/USD) updated regularly if/as required

this PP INVOICE -1



we reserve the right to adjust prices for Exchange Rate variations from XRbase=1.00

for ANY Adjustments

Discount if CT- Cat# and Total Order >$400 auto-applied Discount after Discount

Adjust QTY required AND Update



if applicable (Australia)

plus adjustments, in PP Invoice 2 /at Shipping Date or compile a SHOPPING LIST for our Quotation

Check Zone applicable


This INVOICE Initiates YOUR Order on PayPAL confirmation of CC prePAID

INT'l Freight added by us on Invoice 2 at Date of shipping inc Melb Handling Charge auto-added here


You PAY !


in Australia 10% GST applies : "tick" insert special instructions here eg "on Courier delivey if NO signature leave in safer place at customers risk/responsibility"

PP INVOICE 2 : for any adjustments - Exchange rate variation from AUD/USD XRbase=1 to XR curr(Shipping Date) - if INTL we add required AIr Courier charge - + Melb Handling Fee $15 applies

SHIPPING on payment of the PP INVOICE Diffence A CREDIT will be added to Your Account . . . if in your favor