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Business Essentials Boxed Compilation - Ages 7 to Adult Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or VISTA A must for any small business...

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Business Essentials Boxed Compilation - Ages 7 to Adult Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or VISTA

A must for any small business or home office!

Eureka’s Office Suite

Eureka’s Photo Magic

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Compatible with Microsoft® Word & Excel. Create documents and spreadsheets. PDF export from any application. Edit and organise digital photos. Text-to-speech feature. Integrated barcode creation utility. Includes magic text special effects.

Powerful built-in editing capabilities. Manage your photo collection. Find photos quickly. Edit photos. E-mail photos. Create web-based albums, CDs, VCDs, slideshows and screensavers.

Business Printing Solutions

25 000 Vector & Photo Images

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Create and print: Brochures Business cards Letterheads CD / DVD labels With compliment slips

5 020 photos. Suitable for brochures, flyers or any other presentation. Rotate, flip, crop, enlarge and manipulate each image. Fast search engine.

Customised envelopes

Learn Touch Typing

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20 100 vector images.

Practice course includes 20 lessons. Training course includes 42 lessons. Tracks results for each lesson. Teaches mouse skills. Laptop or desktop. Suitable for ages 7 to adult.

Over 7 000 Fonts, Screensavers, Icons & Sound Effects

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Over 1 600 fonts. Over 5 000 icons. Over 50 screensavers. Over 700 sound effects. Suitable for flyers, presentations and multimedia productions.

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Business Essentials Eureka’s Office Suite Powerful word processor Eureka’s Office Suite uses the Microsoft® Word .DOC (9x/2000/XP/2003) format and it also supports .RTF, .TXT and .HTML files. Easy-to-use spreadsheet Eureka’s Office Suite incorporates a Microsoft® compatible spreadsheet with over 150 available Excel type functions. Multiple graph types and formats Present data instantly with the Graph Wizard in twelve different 3D and 2D graph types. PDF export capability Create fully compatible PDF documents. Create photo CDs An easy way to create a self-contained CD that will play on any Windows computer.

Mail merge to print, file, email or fax Mail merge allows the creation of a local archive of your merged documents so it can be printed, e-mailed or faxed without access to the database. Barcode Creation Utility Eureka’s Office Suite allows the creation of various barcode types including EAN-13. Easy photo editor Eureka’s Office Suite has a simple, yet powerful, photo editor that lets you enhance your digital photos the way you want. International spelling and thesaurus Includes English Australian, English US/UK, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

25 000 Vector & Photo Images Get that perfect image in seconds thanks to our fast search engine and easy-to-use work environment that guides you through the export process, step-by-step. Prior to exporting each image, you can rotate, flip, crop, enlarge and manipulate each image in many other ways on the fly. Image Categories:

Abstracts & Backgrounds


Agriculture & Industry

Religion, Myth & Fantasy


Science & Technology

Business, Commerce & Trade


Signs & Symbols

Food & Beverages

Social Issues & Government

Health & Safety

Sport & Leisure

Holidays & Special Occasions


House & Home

Lifestyles & Cultures

Travel & Tourism


Wildlife & Animals

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Business Essentials Business Printing Solutions Business Printing Solutions enables you to create brochures, CD/DVD covers and labels, business cards, letterheads, address labels, with compliment slips, invoices and customised envelope printing in a matter of minutes.

• Over 6 000 categorised clip art images and photos. • Background generator • Client database manager • Text rotation • Dynamic scaling • CD / DVD label maker. • Mail merge facility for envelopes, newsletters, letterheads, labels and flyers. • Export stationery as a JPEG or TIFF image. • Add in elements such as: --drop shadows, borders, backgrounds, colour, text, size and style.

• Edit photos by: --changing brightness,

contrast, colour depth, and sharpness. --adding effects such as ripple, twirl, spray, bevel, fish-eye, negative, embossing, oil paint, solarise, charcoal, wave, implode and motion blur. • Manipulate elements by: --flipping, rotating, scaling, altering transparency, changing layers. • Cut-out shapes for trimming photos. • Import additional clip-art or photos.

Eureka’s Photo Magic Editing photos Has powerful built-in editing capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily perform tasks such as rotate, crop, sharpen, noise removal, emboss, blur, optimisation using advanced XE847 processing, black & white, mirroring, histogram and RGB adjustments, contrast and brightness adjustments, hue/saturation/luminosity adjustments, reduce red-eye, and add frames. Finding photos quickly Quickly locate your photos in albums based upon a standard naming convention. No more hunting around through endless directories with identically numbered filenames! Managing your collection Incorporating easy-to-use features such as copying photos, importing photos into albums - from existing folders on your hard drive, a digital camera, or from a TWAIN-compliant source such as a scanner. A batch wizard can process and convert files for size, compression, format type etc... You can even embed copyright notices in your collection. Email your photos, or create CDs, VCDs, screensavers or slideshows Using Eureka’s PhotoMagic built-in “publishing templates” you can create web-based photo albums, PDF images, screensavers or slideshows with mp3, midi or wav, PDA-based albums for Palm-Powered™ and PocketPC™ Handheld devices, e-mail them, or even burn albums and collections to a CD-ROM or VCD to be viewed on a computer or DVD player, all without using any additional software!

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Business Essentials Learn Touch Typing Learn Touch Typing combines successful instructional techniques with flexible, easy-to-use menus for use on your laptop or desktop. Whether you need typing skills to run a small business, chat on the Internet, or complete essays and school projects faster, with Learn Touch Typing, you’ll learn to touch type quickly and easily. The Training Course • Instructs you on learning the correct fingers for typing and how to find the keys on the keyboard quickly and accurately, through graded word and sentence lessons and a typing game. The Practice Course • Teaches letters, numbers and symbols.

• • •

Contains three types of lessons; words, sentences and short texts, to sharpen your typing ability. Features a dictation option that will read aloud all of the practice words, sentences and short texts for you to type. Results are tracked for each lesson, indicating speed, accuracy and visually displaying keys that were pressed incorrectly.

Learn Touch Typing also incorporates an enthralling Mosaic game that teaches mouse skills through exercises on; moving the mouse, left-button click, right-button click, double-click and drag and drop.

Over 7 000 Fonts, Screensavers, Icons & Sound Effects Simply use the browsing software provided to locate, install or copy each item to the desired location. Use any of these fonts, icons, screensavers or sound effects in flyers, presentations, multimedia productions or for dressing up your Windows® desktop. Over 1 600 Fonts

Over 50 Screensavers

Use stylish true type fonts to enhance presentations, flyers, letters, etc. Suitable for all Windows® based applications and desktop publishers.

Extend the life of your computer monitor’s screen by installing fun and lively Windows® based screensavers.

Over 5 000 Icons

Over 700 Sound Effects

An enormous collection of categorised icons suitable for multimedia presentations or for just dressing up your Windows® desktop.

Liven up your computer, presentations or multimedia creations with amazing and entertaining sound effects.

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