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Riverside County Special Education Local Plan Area Governance Council AGENDA Friday, September 28,, 2018 12:00 p.m. Imm...

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Riverside County Special Education Local Plan Area Governance Council

AGENDA Friday, September 28,, 2018 12:00 p.m. Immediately following County Superintendents’ Meeting & Luncheon Riverside County Office of Education Board Room 3939 Thirteenth Street Riverside, CA 92502 Governance Council Members Dr. Allan Mucerino Mr. Robert Guillen Mr. Terrence Davis Dr. Edwin Gomez Ms. Sue Scott, ​Zone 6 Representative Mr. Scott Bailey Ms. Christi Barrett Mr. Elliott Duchon, ​Past Chair & Zone 4 Representative Dr. Doug Kimberly, ​Chair & Zone 1 Representative Dr. Steve Kennedy Mr. Patrick Kelley Mr. David Pyle Dr. Sandra Lyon, ​Vice Chair & Zone 5 Representative Dr. Charles Bush Ms. Jean Marie Frey Mr. Grant Bennett Dr. Judy White , ​Standing Member Schools Dr. Diana Walsh-Reuss Mr. Trevor Painton ​(Interim) Ms. Diane Perez, ​Zone 2 Representative Ms. Laura Badillo Dr. Kathleen Hermsmeyer Mr. Mike McCormick, ​Zone 3 Representative Governance Council Liaisons

Alvord Unified School District Banning Unified School District Beaumont Unified School District Coachella Valley Unified School District Desert Center Unified School District Desert Sands Unified School District Hemet Unified School District Jurupa Unified School District Lake Elsinore Unified School District Menifee Union School District Murrieta Valley Unified School District Nuview Union School District Palm Springs Unified School District Palo Verde Unified School District Perris Elementary School District Perris Union High School District Riverside County Superintendent of Riverside County Education Academy Romoland School District San Jacinto Unified School District Santa Rosa Academy Springs Charter Schools Val Verde Unified School District

Ms. Donna Wolter (Lake Elsinore USD) Mr. Darrin Watters (Val Verde USD)

Coordinating Council Chair SELPA Finance Liaison

Riverside County SELPA Team Members Leah Davis, Executive Director 1. Call to Order

Doug Kimberly, Governance Council Chair

The Governance Council Meeting was called to order at __________ on Friday, September 28, 2018 2. Welcome and Introductions Director

Leah Davis, RC SELPA Executive

Public Comments Pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3 and Education Code Section 35145.5, any person wishing to speak to any item on the agenda, or any other relevant matter, will be heard at this time. Each person will have a maximum of three (3) minutes to address the Governance Council Action Items 3. Approve Minutes from August 24, 2018 Governance Council Meeting ​(Attachment 3) 4. Approve Proposed Revisions to the Riverside County SELPA Allocation Plan (Attachment 4) 5. Approve Revision to Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) for Special Education - Virtual Participation in Governance Council​ (Attachment 5) Discussion and Information Items 6. Community Advisory Committee Updates a. Distribution of Information b. Upcoming Events 7. Nonpublic School Updates a. LEA vs. NPS Responsibilities​ ​- Hermosa Beach City School District Case b. Master Contract Approval Process

c. Update on Non-Public School Alternative Work 8. Compliance Monitoring Activities a. Disproportionality b. Data Management and Analysis - The Changing Landscape

9. SEIS Access - Regionalized Programs 10. Differentiated Assistance a. Instructional Leadership Network (ILN) b. Request for Application - SELPA Systems Lead 11. RC SELPA Website Updates 12. Coalition for Adequate Funding for Special Education and State SELPA Highlights a. Legislative Updates b. Fiscal Updates c. Program Updates 15. Governance Council Chair Comments Adjournment