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JOINT BUILDING COMMITTEE Date: September 28, 2011 Time: 4:30 p.m. start Present: Brian Tapscott, Chairman, Mike Micucci,...

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JOINT BUILDING COMMITTEE Date: September 28, 2011 Time: 4:30 p.m. start Present: Brian Tapscott, Chairman, Mike Micucci, Councilors Denis Messier and Marty Pepin, School Board Members: Stephanie Riotto, Dana Rivers and Ken Bolduc Also present: Jeni Mosca, Marie D’Agostino, Melinda Sullivan, Colin Robertson, Keith McBey, Dan Bisson, Andy Lucier and Michael Quigley, Principal of Idlehurst Brian Tapscott opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. He asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the prior meeting. Mike Micucci made a motion to accept the minutes of the meeting from September 14, 2011, seconded by Marty Pepin. All members voted in favor to approve the minutes from September 14, 2011. Clerk of the Works Update: Colin Robertson stated that the gutter is still in process of being installed. There are eleven transition pieces that are missing. There is also a heat trace connection that hasn’t been made yet so that the gutter is still a work in progress. The drywall is being worked on in the maintenance garage. The electric power has not been hooked up in there yet. Brian Tapscott asked if the overhead doors had been installed. Colin Robertson stated that they had. Brian Tapscott asked if the pull down stairs had been installed. Colin Robertson stated that they had. The balancing work is continuing. We have not seen the balancers for a while. They do have some things remaining to be completed. Commissioning is continuing. Andy Lucier comes up with items as he walks around the building that need completing or repairing. He never received a copy of the punch list. This notebook is to convince you that there is a punch list. It is pretty significant. It includes the architectural punch list, the electrical punch list, the site punch list and the latest commissioning report. Brian Tapscott asked who is responsible for updating the list. Dan Bisson stated that on the punch list, there is a place on the side where it can be checked off when completed. Tony Roy had spoken to me about this and I asked him to write a memo so that everybody would understand the process. BP&S will look at it and give it to the trades to check off as completed and then it will eventually be returned back to us and we will do spot checks to make sure things have been completed. Colin Robertson can help but it is primarily BP&S’s responsibility. There is a checklist and we will be aware when something has been completed that is on the punch list. The trade’s people will check off their own work. Brian Tapscott asked if Andy Lucier had been informed as to the punch list and would become the keeper of it. Colin Robertson stated that they were going to make a copy for Andy Lucier. Dan Bisson stated that Andy Lucier had never got a copy, and I did not know why, so I instructed that a copy be sent to him. The thing is so extensive that I instructed that it be put on a disk for him. Denis Messier stated that it was just important that it was chronicled when things were done, and then eventually the punch list book would go away. Dan Bisson stated that Harriman will validate that items on the list have been completed. Mike Micucci asked why Andy Lucier was involved in this process. Dan Bisson stated that he had asked

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to have a copy. Mike Micucci stated that Andy Lucier is not the one who has to take care of the punch list items. The JBC are the ones who need to make sure that BP&S and the subcontractors take care of it. Colin Robertson is the one who is taking care of things for us. Ken Bolduc stated that Colin Robertson would be leaving at some point and we need a set of eyes. Dan Bisson stated that Harriman is that set of eyes. Denis Messier stated that Andy Lucier or the principal will just create additional things that need to be addressed. Denis Messier stated that once in a while Colin Robertson will go through the list, but we are not going to pay him for four days to sit around. We cannot forever be creating a list. Stephanie Riotto stated that she feels it is a valid issue for Andy Lucier to have the punch list. Denis Messier stated that Andy Lucier does not need it. Once the list is done, it is done. Stephanie Riotto asked what happens when a teacher or the principal says that something is not working, and Andy Lucier is just learning the systems. Andy Lucier does not know if it is because someone is not doing something right. Ken Bolduc stated that he likes having Andy Lucier as another set of eyes. Brian Tapscott asked if it was possible for new things to pop up that are not on the punch list. Colin Robertson stated that a punch list cannot go on forever. Today there were some switches to be replaced and two technicians came here to meet with Simplex, but Simplex never showed up. Things drag on. Tim Burke is doing his best to get the subcontractors to do their work. Keith McBey stated that this is typical for what they do. As your manager, I try to get people together and they fall down on you. The meeting that Colin Robertson mentioned was the first of our weekly close out meetings. We are having good luck getting the sub contractors here. It is an active site. We are not leaving until it is all wrapped up. Dan Bisson stated that Keith McBey could withhold money until the items were completed. Colin Robertson stated that as part of the close out meeting, Dan Bisson had proposed a close out sheet. In order to get all of the details completed, you need some sort of a check list. Brian Tapscott asked if he was correct that as long as monies were being paid out the JBC was still in effect. If there are still bills that are being paid off, until the last dollar is paid out, the JBC is still in effect. Mike Micucci stated that the JBC has to give a final report of the money spent on the project and the money returned to the City. The money belongs to the City and can be used towards any project that would need to be bonded. If you wanted to do two air handlers on the high school, and the cost was $250,000.00 you would not bond this and not go into your operating budget. You could go to the City Council and state that you wanted to use this from the money that had been returned from this project and it would not cost the taxpayer. There needs to be a two thirds vote on the school side and the City side. Marty Pepin asked why it would have to go to the School Board. Brian Tapscott stated that it would be handled just like it was a new school bond. Dan Bisson stated that it would depend on how the warrant was written. Mike Micucci stated that the entire amount of money belongs to the school for something that would be bonded. Stephanie Riotto stated that this had all been discussed before and she did not understand why we were talking about it now. The JBC will stick around until the spring because we decide when the project is done. We decided to stick around until the spring so we could see the project through the winter. Colin Robertson stated that the window blinds are being installed and that some are motorized, as in the cafetorium and the Media Center. This involves Stellos having a part in it. As of yet, none of the wiring has been done for these blinds. It is in process. Mike Quigley has produced a list put together by teachers that indicated what defects they could see. This is

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all in process. There was a problem with the computer tables and the wedge tables were not compatible with the other tables so there is a correction being made. There was a problem with student desks. Marie D’Agostino stated that it is being worked on. Colin Robertson stated that there was a problem with the inside doors being locked when the fire alarm went off. The fire alarm system is being reprogrammed so that the interior doors will be unlocked and the exterior doors will be locked for security. Furniture deliveries are complete now. There was a problem with some chair heights but those have been adjusted. Windham Millwork has some work to complete in the cafetorium. The VCT in the hallways and various rooms that need repairs will be done in the next couple of weeks. Dana Rivers asked how the repairs on the bleachers were coming along. Colin Robertson stated that the motor arrived and had been installed although he had not seen it operate. Mike Quigley stated that the bleachers do operate. Denis Messier asked if the teachers had been instructed on the proper use of the telephones. Mike Quigley stated yes and no. Yes they know how to call the office. Yes they do know not to set them on do not disturb. We have showed them how to get their voice mail. Denis Messier stated that he just wanted to make sure that some of the issues with the phones aren’t because they have not been trained properly. Mike Quigley stated that the issues with the phones were that they were not being recognized by the system but now they are. Brian Tapscott stated that while we are on the subject of training the teachers, I noticed that the shades in the classrooms were pulled halfway down the windows. They should be all the way up to allow the sunlight to reflect off of the reflective boxes and onto the ceiling so that we save on electricity. Apparently the teachers have not been educated in this. Mike Quigley stated that the blinds had just been installed over the last few days and they are set at the level they were when installed. Colin Robertson stated that there is a lot of training that has to continue. There will be some training tomorrow on the card system. Mike Micucci stated that he noticed in the last meeting minutes that today would be Colin Robertson’s last day. I do not see that there was a vote taken on this though. We need to have the votes listed in the minutes. Melinda Sullivan stated that the vote was included in the minutes, following some discussion on keeping Colin Robertson on as requested by Stephanie Riotto. Mike Micucci asked if we want to discuss whether today is his last day or we continue his contract longer. Brian Tapscott stated that we should allow Colin Robertson to finish his report first. Colin Robertson stated that all training was not complete and manuals have not been provided as of yet. These items will be on Dan Bisson’s close out list. Dana Rivers stated that there had been an issue with several damaged smart boards. Has there been any resolution to that? Colin Robertson stated that he had met with the insurance adjuster after Marie D’Agostino filed the claim. He has taken down the information and talked to all of the people involved. Dana Rivers asked if we are receiving any more complaints about the outside lights being too bright. Denis Messier stated that he had made a point to drive by one night, and the complaints are unwarranted. The beam from the lights is pretty compact and shines downward. Andy Lucier stated that he would hate to have to shut them off. If someone falls in the parking lot, we would be liable. Ken Bolduc stated that he wanted to refer back to the two smart boards that had been damaged. One had a small dent in the white part of the board and the other was a small dent down in the black. When you get dents in the boards, they will not work anymore. Jeni Mosca stated that since it works by touch, it does not calibrate anymore. Ken Bolduc stated that if the board in this room got a dent in it, it becomes our

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responsibility and if we did not have any insurance, what would it cost us to replace it? Marie D’Agostino stated that it would cost $1,800.00. She stated that we do have insurance. Jeni Mosca stated that the boards are made for kids to be touching them all of the time. It is very hard to damage them. For a dent to happen, something pretty severe happened. Ken Bolduc asked how it had happened. Jeni Mosca stated that that is the million dollar question. It could have happened during delivery, it could have happened when it was in the box, it could have happened when it got put up. Mike Micucci asked how difficult it will be to take care of this issue. Marie D’Agostino stated that we filed a claim with the insurance company. Andy Lucier stated that the insurance adjuster that we have has worked for us on three other issues over the past year and he is fantastic as far as taking care of us. Construction Management Update: Keith McBey stated that the close out meetings has begun. We will meet with the subcontractors on a weekly basis. The administration team is welcome to any of these meetings. Mike Quigley will be involved in these meetings also. We are getting a good response from the subcontractors. We are looking to wrap up all training by October 24th. I have enough of the big contractors squared away that I can estimate a savings of $150,000.00 to $200,000.00. I will have a better estimate in a few days. Dan Bisson and I will sit down with Marie D’Agostino to discuss the soft costs. The contract is set up that 100% of the savings goes back to the owner. Mike Micucci asked if when the training is going on, it is videotaped. Keith McBey stated that we videotape it with one of our guys. Mike Micucci stated that it is always good to have this as a tool to use. Keith McBey stated that there is a lot to be done but it is a matter of getting the close out meetings going. Brian Tapscott stated that every time there is a close out meeting it allows him to bring more information back to the JBC. Keith McBey stated that he likes that the building is occupied because we are getting comments from Mike Quigley and the SAU. Harriman Update: Dan Bisson stated that Tony Roy sends his regards and states that he misses the meetings but believes that everyone has positive attitudes. He stated that he was distributing the document that Colin Robertson and Keith McBey mentioned. A copy of this is attached and made a part of these minutes. Because there are so many items in the close out process I produced this list. Keith McBey will go through this and substantiate that the items have been done and on what date they were completed. This gives us some kind of end goal. It gives us a paper trail. There is also a place for Keith McBey to make comments. We can distribute this document at each meeting and it will give the JBC an idea of where we stand. Mike Micucci asked if the pages of the punch list are discarded after the project is complete. Dan Bisson stated that they could be put on a disk if the JBC wanted. Mike Micucci stated that it would be a good record of what was found. Dan Bisson stated it was all done by rooms so it will be easy to refer back to if anything comes into question on whether is was done or not. Dana Rivers asked if the JBC would get a document at some point that says the building is the JBC’s. Dan Bisson stated that it had been done at substantial completion on August 31. Now what we are doing is cleaning up the punch list, and commissioning, which is another set of punch lists. You officially accepted the building contingent upon the punch list, commissioning,

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and receiving the close out documents. The other thing will be Surety of Completion. That will be the last official document. Chips Update: Dan Bisson stated that they are waiting for a few more documents but are pretty close to completion. Denis Messier asked if those people knew that we are waiting for documents. Dan Bisson stated that they did. Next Steps: Brian Tapscott stated that this brings us to setting up our next meeting. Denis Messier stated that two weeks would be the 12th of October. Brian Tapscott asked if there were any problems with this date. Keith McBey stated that it may be an issue for him but that he would send a report. Other: Denis Messier stated that we needed to decide if we extend Colin Robertson’s contract further. Brian Tapscott asked if Colin Robertson was still working five days a week. Do you feel that there is enough work at this point for five days a week? Colin Robertson stated that if he needed to continue the daily reports, those take time. I also will have to move my office at some time. I am working on my filing system. It is hard to not find something to do. Brian Tapscott asked Andy Lucier where Colin Robertson would go once the trailers were removed. Andy Lucier stated that he had an office in the building that he could use. Brian Tapscott asked what the JBC thought about keeping Colin Robertson. Stephanie Riotto stated that she wanted to remind everyone that we are way over budget on Colin Robertson’s salary. Every couple of weeks that we keep him costs us a lot of money. It sounds to me like the punch lists are being supervised well. If all of the deliveries are here I do not see keeping him on full time. Denis Messier stated that he agreed with Stephanie Riotto. Brian Tapscott asked if we tell Colin Robertson that he is all done tonight. Do we let him finish the week out? Denis Messier stated that he thought Colin Robertson could finish the week and then turn it over to Andy Lucier. Marie D’Agostino stated that Andy Lucier would not be at the building fulltime. He is on medical leave. Brian Tapscott asked Andy Lucier when he would be returning back full time. Andy Lucier stated that he is working four hours a day but hopefully on Friday the doctor would release him to work full time. When Colin Robertson gives me the site maps, we will have them on a hanging rack. It will make more sense to put these up in the mezzanine with a table so that the map can be laid out if referring to it. A lot of it will be training me to run the ventilation systems. Mike Micucci made a motion that we hold onto Colin Robertson until our next meeting. Brian Tapscott asked if there was a second to Mike Micucci’s motion to hold onto Colin Robertson. No second motion was made. Mike Micucci stated that since there was no second it could not be discussed. Denis Messier made a motion that Friday be Colin Robertson’s last day. Stephanie Riotto seconded the motion and all voted in favor. Mike Micucci stated that he would like to see what the total cost for having Colin Robertson as Clerk of the Works. Marie D’Agostino stated that once we pay him through Friday, I will get the final figure. Stephanie Riotto asked what the original budget had been. Marie D’Agostino stated it had been $85,000.00. Stephanie Riotto stated that as of now we are at $112,000.00. Brian Tapscott stated that it would be a great thing in the spring to do a time capsule involving the students. Denis Messier asked what the status was on the plaque. Keith McBey stated that he has a proof from the manufacturer that needs to go to Marie D’Agostino. Marie

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D’Agostino asked that Keith McBey bring it to the next meeting so that everyone could see it. Brian Tapscott stated that there are some skids that are just pushed into the woods out the side of the parking lot. It is the same pile that had been in the parking lot at one time. Andy Lucier stated that he would have them removed in the morning. Dana Rivers asked about getting the branches and leaves trimmed from the blinking speed limit sign. Andy Lucier stated that public works will be getting a bucket truck and come and trim those. Mike Micucci made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Stephanie Riotto. All voted in favor and the meeting adjourned at 5:25.

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