7th grade syllabus

7th Grade Discovering World Geography, Eastern Hemisphere Mrs. Rowe-Manuel [email protected] As a teacher...

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7th Grade Discovering World Geography, Eastern Hemisphere Mrs. Rowe-Manuel [email protected] As a teacher, I understand learning is done every day. I will use a variety of ways to earn points, but also want students to be aware they have responsibility to do the work. If students are engaged, work to their potential, and come to school they should be successful in my class. Course Description: Students in seventh grade will explore the history, geography, government, economic systems, current issues, and cultures of the Eastern World with an emphasis on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. We will focus on understanding of economic, cultural, and political institutions of the Eastern World. Materials Needed: Composition Book 1 spiral notebook 1 2 pocket folder to hold social studies materials Pencils SSMS Agenda Textbook Expectations For Learning: Students will… Have a growth mindset and become knowledgeable and skilled historical thinkers. Work hard and strive for excellence in class and in everyday life. Be prepared, ask questions, and make a positive scholarly contribution each day. Be respectful and listen. We all have value. We will all learn from one another. Attend class daily and be on time. Discipline: The teacher and students will work together to establish the best possible learning environment. Rules are made in order to maintain a healthy learning environment. Please note the following rules that will be enforced: 1. Be respectful of others and yourself. I.e. Raise your hand, be courteous and polite when others are talking, be honest, no use of foul language, no sleeping, stay in your seat, etc. 2. Be prepared for class. Bring required completed work, materials and writing utensil daily. All assignments should be completed before class begins. 3. Be on time. If you are not in the room and in your seat when the bell rings, you are Tardy.

Miscellaneous: • IPODs, phones, gum, food and drinks will not be allowed in this classroom.

Grading: 

Participation is essential for this class. Students will be graded on effort and active participation in the class including asking questions, answering questions, attendance, behavior and working independently. This grade will be determined by my discretion. The best advice for any class, is to get engaged in discussion and topics. The more a student becomes a part of the discussion and topic the more success they will find with their grades and work. If students have an excused absence they will be able to make up any work assigned the day/s they were excused. I WILL NOT ASK FOR MAKE-UP WORK. I expect students to be responsible and thorough. I will accept excused absence work up to five days beyond the date of returning to school. Neatness counts on all work turned in. If work is not legible, it will be returned with a 0 grade. 

Grades in my class will based on the following:  Class participation  Classroom work  Quizzes and tests  Projects  Journal  Homework (if necessary)

Grading scale:

93-100% = A 90-92% = A87-89% = B+ 83-86% = B 80-82% = B77-79% = C+

73-76% = C 70-72% = C67-69% = D+ 63-66% = D 60-62% = D59% and below = F.

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies and expectations of 7th Grade Social Studies course outline by returning this portion with student and parent signature by Friday, August 11th. Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________________