The Water Cooler Bubble Up Report Date: July 1, 2011 RE: TAKE ACTION! Support the Children’s Cabinet of California (Chi...

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The Water Cooler

Bubble Up Report Date: July 1, 2011 RE: TAKE ACTION! Support the Children’s Cabinet of California (Children Now) 2011-2012 Budget Update (California Childcare Resource & Referral Network) SAVE THE DATE: September Water Cooler Gathering (Advancement Project) From: Children Now There is still time to take action! Children Now would like to request your support for AB 823 (Dickinson) which would create the Children's Cabinet of California, which will be heard next week in Senate Health and Human Services Committee. California's fiscal crisis demands even greater coordination to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services, in addition to clearly established priorities and outcome measures for children. The delivery of health, education and child/parent services will benefit from state leadership that supports interagency collaboration, integrated services, and policies that support stronger communities. Encourage the state to move in this direction by establishing the Children's Cabinet of California. Attached is the sample letter of support, latest version of the bill and fact sheet. Please contact Giannina Perez at [email protected] with any questions. Letters should be submitted by Tuesday, July 5.

FROM: California Childcare Resource & Referral Network Dear Early Childhood Advocates: The Governor signed the budget and trailer bills to begin the 2011-12 fiscal year. The bills of most interest to us are SB87- the main budget bill, AB114 - the Education trailer bill and AB121 - the trigger trailer bill. These bills include the $200 million restoration that restores the 10% cut to the Standard Reimbursement Rate, restores services to 11 & 12 year-olds, eliminates the 10% increase to family fees, and reduces the overall budget reduction to child care from 15% to 11%. They also, however, remove child care from the Proposition 98 - K-12 guarantee and rely on a $4 billion anticipated revenue increase. If the revenues don't materialize then the Department of Finance by December 15 , 2011 must pull the trigger for mid-year cuts. If revenues fall short by more than $1 billion, then child care will lose $23 million resulting in a 4% across-the-board reduction.

FROM: Advancement Project


September 14, 2011 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM Sacramento, CA As discussed at the May 2011 Water Cooler, the date of the fall Water Cooler gathering will depend on the political landscape. Please hold this date for a tentative September Water Cooler Meeting. Once the date is finalized, a confirmation will be sent around via Bubble Up Report.