APPLICATION Architectural adjustable accent LED fixtures are ideal for applications where superior color rendering, vari...

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APPLICATION Architectural adjustable accent LED fixtures are ideal for applications where superior color rendering, variety of beam distributions, and long LED life is desired.

PRODUCT DATA REFLECTOR: Upper reflector is specular clear Alzak® for optimum performance and available in two beam distributions of narrow (N) and medium (M). Lower 20° angle cut cone is supplied standard in soft specular clear Alzak with a 5/8" inch polished self flange. Optional Adjustable Accent, 1100 finishes available upon request. Upper and lower reflectors are mounted to an aiming mechanism that allows for 359º rotation and 35º tilt for maximum aiming capabilities. Dual locking ® mechanism insures that the fixture stays aimed during relamping. Torsion springs provide tight fit to ceiling. HOUSING: 18 gauge steel with black powder coat finish. Standard plaster flange allows for a one inch ceiling thickness. MOUNTING: Universal Mounting brackets adjust vertically 5.5" and accepts C-channel or rigid bars (see optional accessories). ELECTRICAL: 120 to 277 VAC, 50-60 Hz. JUNCTION BOX: Heavy gauge galvanized junction box pre-wired with grounding pigtail. Easy access covers. Multiple conduit knockouts listed for through branch circuit wiring. HEAT MANAGEMENT: Engineered heat sink. 2000 lumen models feature patented synjet module that circulates air for optimum heat management of the LED engine. LED MODULE & DRIVER: Fortimo SLM module and driver are manufactured by Philips Lighting. Single binned LED technology insures color consistency from fixture to fixture. 80 CRI standard, optional 90 CRI. Specifications based on Fortimo LED SLM by Philips Lighting after 100 hours. DIMMING: Standard product is compatible with 0-10 volt dimming controls. “Synjet® active cooling module for optiSee below for additional options. mum thermal management” CRI = 80. 90 CRI optional. POWER (W)* LIGHT OUTPUT (Im) Specifications based on Fortimo LED 14.88" 1100 3000K 17 SLM by Philips Lighting after 100 1100 3500K 17 hours. 1100 4000K 17 2000 3000K 30 13.81" 2000 3500K 30 For Damp Location 2000 4000K 30 Under Covered Ceiling * Data based on total system watts. • Expected lamp life to be 50,000 hours with 70% lumen maintenance when ambient temperatures ø 4.5" do not exceed 45°C. Lower ambient temperatures ø 5.7" yield longer lamp life. Rough Opening 5.13"


Round Aperture LED – 2000 Lumen Fortimo SLM


5 Year Warranty



ZHAGA Book 3

Catalog #:



Example: 4ALFS1135KN

Fixture Series


Example: ACC4420SCLPF

Color Temp.

Beam Dist.

11 = 1100 20 = 2000 4ALFS

27K (2700K) 3K (3000K)

C9 = 90 CRI† 90 CRI only available in 2700K and 3000K

35K (3500K)

4K (4000K)

N (25°) M (47°)

Dimming blank D8 DE4 D7 D1 DT1 ELD DAL DMX DMX8

0-10V, 10% 0-10V, 1% Lutron EcoSys 4 wire, 1% Lutron 3 wire, 1% 120V Trailing Edge, 10% 120V Lutron 2 wire, 1% Eldo LED 0-10V, 0% Dali, 1% DMX, 10%*

DMX, 1%*

DMXELD DMX, 0%* *interfaced through 0-10V driver


Trim Finish w/polished flange

ACC4420 – 20° Angle Cut Cone LW2

– Linear Spread Lens (Skytex)

LW6 – Micro Linear Spread Lens

SCLPF – Soft Specular Clear Alzak HAZPF – Haze Alzak For white painted flange, drop “PF” from Catalog #. For other finishes, consult reflector section.

Optional Accessories Hanger Bars (set of 2)

q 101782 = #520 Caddy Bars q 9152 = 52" C-Channel q 9127 = 27" C-Channel q 27BH = 27" Solid Bar q 24CBH = 24" one-piece B-Line C-Channel hanger bar q 26UBH = interlocking hanger bars expand to 26" Fixture: Project:


Manufactured and tested to UL#1598 and CSA standards. Note: Suitable for damp location. Fixtures are not designed for direct contact with insulation. All Pathway® products meet or exceed requirements as established by the National Electrical Code. Specifications subject to change without notice. Alzak® is a registered trademark of Alcoa.

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Series 4ALFS - Round Aperture LED Adjustable Accent, 1100 – 2000 Fortimo SLM