Suppliers BaFa – Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH Foundation „„ 1996 Turnover „„ 1.5 million € Employees „„ 12 BAF...

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BaFa – Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH Foundation „„ 1996 Turnover „„ 1.5 million € Employees „„ 12

BAFA – Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung is a young and private initiated natural fibres processing company We have a vast amount of experience in developing and modifying natural fibres during the harvesting, retting and decortication stages. Our ambition is to modify Hemp fibres to meet the demands of our customers and our project partners at the highest levels of quality and durability.

Branches „„ Natural fibres industry

The environment comes first in all our various approaches, thus BAFA strives to advance both economic and environmental concerns for the mutual benefit of each.

Key Materials „„ Hempstraw

„„ Established in 1996 after the cultivation of industrial hemp was

Facts about BAFA legalized in Germany.

Key Products „„ Hemp fibres „„ Hemp shives and hemp seeds

„„ Connector between agriculture and industry. „„ BAFA processes hemp straw by mechanically separating the fibres

from the shives. „„ Three quality grades of hemp fibres are available for the consumer

market and are sold on to industrial partners & clients for further processing. „„ Cleaned and dust-free shives are utilized e.g. as horse bedding or in the construction business for structures of almost any kind. „„ BAFA has developed a special combine harvester for hemp in cooperation with corporate partners Götz Inc. (Bühl/Moos), Deutz-Fahr Inc. (Lauingen) and the state-owned Landesanstalt für Pflanzenbau. „„ BAFA is continuously involved in developing new products and solutions for our customers, e.g. pelletized fibres for compounding and injection moulding „„ Active participant in different research project

Free access to online database with detailed index: www.bio-based.eu/iBIB


Products Fibres for industrial use „„ Technical Fibres VF6 for non-woven applications: „„ Automotive industry „„ Insulation industry „„ Geotextiles „„ Technical Fibres KF S20 for injection moulding „„ Technical Fibres SKF 2 for injection moulding „„ New Product: Hemp Fibre Soft Pellets

Shives, e.g. for horse bedding or for building and construction company

New Product: Hemp Fibre Soft Pellets for compounds (PP-Hemp fibre).

Contact BaFa Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH Stephanstr. 2 76316 Malsch Germany Phone: +49 (0)7246 92 575 – 0 Fax: +49 (0)7246 92 575 – 23 [email protected] www.bafa-gmbh.de Contact Person

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