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6.2 EULERIAN NUMBERS 257 Second-order Eulerian numbers are important chiefly because of their connection with Stirling...

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6.2 EULERIAN NUMBERS 257 Second-order Eulerian numbers are important chiefly because of their connection with Stirling

500 ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 3.50 H. S. Wilf observes that the functional equation f(x2 - 1) = f(x)’ would determine f(x) f

518 ANSWERS TO EXERCISES and this is the case x = N of exercise 22. 5.55 Let Q(k) = (k+Al)...(k+AM)Zand Then t(k+ 1)/t

A ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 517 by Vandermonde’s convolution (5.92). 5.51 (a) Reflection gives F(a, -n; 2a; 2) = (-1 )“F( a,

540 ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 6.85 2.5k, The property holds if and only if N has one of the seven forms 5k, 4.5k, 3j.5k, 6.

5.1 BASIC IDENTITIES 167 and this recurrence is satisfied also by the right-hand side of (5.19). By induction, both sid

5.2 BASIC PRACTICE 183 77~ binary search: Replay the middle formula first, to see if the mistake was early or late. He

214 BINOMIAL COEFFICIENTS Now sin( x + y ) = sin x cos y + cos x sin y ; so this ratio of sines is cos 2n7t sin 2~ = (-

272 SPECIAL NUMBERS trigonometric functions in terms of their hyperbolic cousins by using the rules sin z = -isinh iz ,

358 GENERATING 5 FUNCTIONS Find a generating function S(z) such that [z”l S(z) = x (;) ( , I , , ) . k Basics 6 S

420 DISCRETE PROBABIL1T.Y a b C Once he found that the other box was empty too. What’s the probability that this occu

432 ASYMPTOTICS subtle consideration lurks in the background. Namely, we need to realize that it’s fine to write in3 +

452 ASYMPTOTICS This last estimate follows because, for example, k>n (Exercise 54 discusses a more general way to esti

A ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 521 times 2 divides k!. A prime p that does not divide n must divide the prodn) 1at eas tas ofte

520 ANSWERS TO EXERCISES The infinite series converges because the terms for fixed j are dominated by a polynomial in j

A ANSWERS TO EXERCISES 523 5.84 Following the hint, we get andasimilarformulafor&,(z). Thustheformulas (ztB;‘(z)‘B[(z)

582 BIBLIOGRAPHY 51 Th. Clausen, “Ueber die Fglle, wenn die Reihe von der Form 603. x2 + etc. ein Quadrat von der Fo

580 BIBLIOGRAPHY 24' J. Bienayme, “Considerations a l’appui de la decouverte de Laplace sur la loi de probabilite da.ns

5.1 BASIC IDENTITIES 171 So much for Table 169. What about sums with three or more binomial coefficients? If the index

5.1 BASIC IDENTITIES 155 Before getting to the identities that we will use to tame binomial coefficients, let’s take a

238 BINOMIAL COEFFICIENTS 72 Prove that, if m, n, and k are integers and n > 0, n2k-v(k) is an integer, where v(k) is

5 EXERCISES 235 47 The sum tk (rkk+s) (‘“;~~~“) doesn’t depend on s. is a polynomial in r and s. Show that it 48 The

5.6 HYPERGEOMETRIC TRANSFORMATIONS 221 On the right-hand side we have (B+a)(zF’(z)+bF(z)) = = zi(zF’(z)+bF(z)) + a(