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DRAFT MINUTES Special Planning Committee Meeting Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District 2nd Floor Board Room 1600 Frankli...

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DRAFT MINUTES Special Planning Committee Meeting Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District 2nd Floor Board Room 1600 Franklin Street Oakland, California 94612 Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:00 p.m. Planning Committee Members: Director Greg Harper, Chair Director Elsa Ortiz Director Ryan “Rocky” Fernandez

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. with Chairman Harper presiding. Committee Members Present: Director Ortiz, Director Fernandez and Director Harper, Committee Chair. (Director Ortiz left the meeting at 3:58 p.m. President Peeples arrived at 4:12 p.m. to sit on the committee in place of Director Ortiz.) Committee Members Absent: None. Also Present: General Manager Rick Fernandez, General Counsel Ken Scheidig, Deputy General Manager for Service Development Nancy Skowbo and District Secretary Linda Nemeroff. Public Comment There was no public comment offered. INFORMATION ITEM(S) (Consent Calendar) [Items listed under the Consent Calendar are considered to be routine and may be enacted by one motion/one vote. If discussion is desired, an item may be removed from the Consent Calendar and will be considered individually.] 1. Consider approving Planning Committee minutes of November 12, 2008. MOTION: ORTIZ/FERNANDEZ to approve the minutes and forward to the Board of Directors recommending receipt (3). BRIEFING/ACTION ITEM(S) 2. Consider receiving report on Board Policy 550 (Service Standards and Design) and compliance with Title VI (Requested by Director Harper – 5/14/08) (GM Memo No. 08208).

AC Transit District Planning Committee

December 10, 2008

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MOTION: ORTIZ/FERNANDEZ to forward to the Board of Directors recommending that the current Policy 550 not be used as a criteria for making service adjustments and that further review of the policy was necessary (3).

Director Ortiz left the meeting at 3:58 p.m. Director Peeples arrived at the meeting to replace Director Ortiz at 4:12 p.m. 3. Consider receiving report on parameters for potential service reductions (Requested by Director Harper – 5/28/08) (GM Memo No. 08-308). Prior to receiving a specific plan to reduce service, Chairman Harper recommended that the Board discuss various service reduction scenarios, and the impact of each scenario on overall ridership, platform hours, frequency and span of service. In addition, the Chief Financial Officer should provide probable expense and revenue forecasts, which can also be used as a basis for making logical decisions regarding service adjustments. Also expressed was the need include the public and union in the process and to make communication of information and proposals with the union transparent to the public. Consensus to forward to the Board of Directors with a report from the committee chair and a recommendation to set a workshop for January 28, 2009 (3). 4. Consider receiving report on the Line 1R Service and Reliability Study (GM Memo No. 08-293). MOTION: HARPER/FERNANDEZ to forward to the Board of Directors recommending receipt (3). 5. Consider receiving update on service operations at the Coliseum BART station following the District’s implementation of recent capital and operational improvements (Requested by Director Peeples – 10/04/06) (GM Memo No. 08-289). MOTION: PEEPLES/FERNANDEZ to forward to the Board of Directors recommending receipt (3). 6. Consider receiving report on the development of bus shelter design and placement standards for the District (Requested by Director Peeples – 12/11/07) (GM Memo No. 08-290). MOTION: PEEPLES/FERNANDEZ to forward to the Board of Directors recommending receipt as an a-memo to include a reference about the proposed regulations by the ACCESS Board (Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board) concerning ADA requirements (3).

Agenda Planning There were no new items added to agenda planning. AC Transit District Planning Committee

December 10, 2008

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1-3 Months (January - March) ƒ Update on the status of the customer satisfaction survey (Requested by President Peeples – 5/28/08; Reference: GM Memo No. 08-155a). [Retained in committee on July 9, 2008 pending receipt of proposed survey.] [March] ƒ Progress report on the status of Phase I Hastus ATP implementation (Requested by Committee – 8/6/08). [January] ƒ Report on the feasibility of providing Transbay service to areas of Richmond other than Hilltop (Requested by Director Wallace 8/6/08) [January] ƒ Review, discussion and update of the District’s Fleet Composition Plan (Requested by Director Davis – 11/12/2008). [January] ƒ Quarterly report on the Transbay Terminal. [January] ƒ Report on the analysis of Translink data and a timeline for obtaining useful information (Requested by Director Harper – 11/12/2008). ƒ Report concerning park and ride lots and the disparity of treatment between park and ride lots in Richmond and Fremont (Requested by Director Davis – 6/25/08; Director Ortiz – 7/23/08). [January] 3-6 Months (March – August) ƒ Review Board Policy 163 specifically with respect to environmental issues (Board Policy 512) [Staff will draft a work plan to deal with policies and metrics] [Will be done over several meetings]. ƒ Report on the Marina Village development in Richmond (memo in general terms). ƒ Revise bus stop policy to include communication with policy agencies. Report concerning Board prioritization and approval of capital projects (Requested by Director Harper – 9/5/07). ƒ Report on truncated lines and frequency issues with respect to implementation of the 1 Rapid (Telegraph/International/E. 14th Street) (Continued by Committee – 10/4/06) [Referred from Operations 7/30/08]. ƒ Report outlining eligible fund sources and funding target amounts for capital projects in order to provide the Board with a clear understanding of the projects being funded and what may be funded in the future (Requested by Committee – 6/11/08). [To be addressed upon completion of the SRTP]. ƒ Report on how often ridership data, reported to the National Transit Database, can be provided to the Board (Requested by Committee – 7/9/08). ƒ Report on AC Transit’s possible participation in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Training and Assistance Program Class and possible ISO 14001 Certification (Requested by President Peeples – 9/24/08). ƒ Preliminary report outlining the Planning staff’s vision of what AC Transit could/should be in 2025 and the steps that would need to be taken to implement the vision. The report is to also address the appropriateness of having a regional entity such as ACTIA or CMA conduct the study (Requested by Committee – 10/15/08). [May] ƒ SATCOM report on lines 72R and 1R (Requested by Vice President Kaplan – 10/15/08). 6-12 Months (August – January 2010) ƒ Report on Oak to 9th Street project [Report to detail what commitments have been made by and to Signature Properties]. (Requested by Director Peeples – 3/25/06). ƒ Request that the Board be allowed to provide policy guidance to staff as the District develops its responses to the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the proposed Athletics baseball park in Fremont (Requested by Director Davis – 9/19/07). AC Transit District Planning Committee

December 10, 2008

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Report on transit implications in “Access to Parkland: Environmental Justice at East Bay Parks” (Requested by Director Peeples – 12/13/07). Update on the use of freeway shoulders as bus lanes [Staff to monitor the San Diego study and identify potential areas for use locally] (Requested by Committee – 7/25/07). Report to discuss the possibilities for fare collection at the temporary Transbay Terminal [follow-up to 5-14-08 Booz Allen presentation] (Requested by Director Harper – 5/14/08).

Quarterly Reports (Nov, Feb, May, August)

Policy Review Schedule*

Bus Rapid Transit Line 51 Task Force Transbay Terminal

Board Policy 163: Public Hearing Process for Board of Directors Board Policy 512: Environmental Evaluations of Transit Projects Board Policy 530: Private Enterprise Participation Board Policy 540: Service Adjustments Board Policy 550: Service Effectiveness Standards Board Policy 551: Title VI Service Review & Compliance Board Policy 560: Standards for Operations of Supplementary Service

Semi-Annual Reports Update on CARB

* Alignment of Policies with national standards expressed in the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual

Board/Staff Comments (Government Code Section 54954.2) Adjournment There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 4:57 p.m. The next meeting of the Planning Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, January 7, 2009. Respectfully submitted, Linda A. Nemeroff District Secretary

AC Transit District Planning Committee

December 10, 2008

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